We know some of you are already back into the fall grind with work or school, but this week is PurseBlog and TalkShoes Summer Break. We are shutting down our computers to take the week off and disperse around the country, from Florida, to Atlanta, to Montauk, to an NYC staycation. We will be bringing you some great stories daily throughout the week, but at a more limited rate.

We will be back to our regular posting schedule after Labor Day, just in time for New York Fashion Week to kick off! Be sure you follow us on our adventures via TalkShoes and PurseBlog on Instagram. Happy end of summer!

PB Summer Break

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  • sara

    Enjoy, you deserve it!

  • dinabobina

    I want that bag! Balenciaga??

    • elisa ducht

      not Meghan silly! that’s a slim model!

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