Holy Schnitzel, last Monday our PurseBlog.com officially broke through another milestone. Over 109,000 people visited the blog and forum in a 24 hour span, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Who would have thunk that there could be so many handbag fetishists out there. :-D

Here’s a CHEERS to you all.

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  • Hermeslover

    Wow thats great! The purseblog really makes may day!

  • Addisonshopper

    That is AWESOME.. I am on everyday. I must say I am addicted. I love it here and all the people I meet who have the same wants and desires such as myself. I am glad I stumbled onto this page through a google search..

  • Naggy

    Awesome. I am a recovering handbag addict. (ipad)

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