I would like to welcome Rhiannon Macbeth to the Purse Blog team! Rhiannon has written articles for the Antique Week newspaper on antique dolls and vintage themed weddings before, and also happens to be an absolute fanatic when it comes to Chanel! What a wonderful addition to our site, welcome to our blog — we’re glad to have you here.

P.S. For all the Chanel hottness you will ever need, check out Chanel Amour, Rhiannon’s own blog.

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  • Megs

    I would also like to take some time out to welcome Rhiannon to our site! I’m really looking forward to her great work and knowledge!

  • Briana

    Welcome Rhiannon to our site .I would like to see more of what your woring with.Looking forward to hear from you.

  • jacqueline

    i just love checking my email and scrolling down to see the newest things in fashion purses! its parctically my life! thanks so much again!

  • Naggy

    Oh, I would want to apply as I would love to just write about bags all day but get paid for it. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice, another purse lover! (ipad)

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