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  • HfromT

    I loved this post!! Thanks for the restaurant tips! I’m assuming Vlad took those amazing photos (although, I must admit, my initial reaction to the first pic was “OH GOD…MOVE THE RED WINE AWAY FROM THE GORGEOUS CREAMY LIZARD BAG!!!”

    • Hahaha yes!!! the bag was not hurt in the process!!

      Vlad took the pictures! He loves doing it :)

      • HfromT

        Megs…is that YOUR stunning bag in that first picture?? If so, is it The Row?

      • Vlad Dusil

        Yes it is a Row bag!

  • This post makes me want to take a half day and go to Rosemary’s immediately. And then stay there forever.

  • Kate

    Megs, I am so excited you are going to be doing this!!!!

    • Rashmi

      Hi Vlad, what kind of camera do you use? I would love some suggestions. I am thinking of starting my own blog here in the midwest due to some deep rooted passions. I would be grateful for your advice on cameras. Your pics are simply Stunning with a capital S!! and thank you!

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