For all of you Project Runway fans out there, AOL Entertainment has set up some fun links.

First there is the ‘Project Runway’ Preview: Oct. 18, 2006. I try to keep the suspense high, but I caved in and watched! The preview will get you all excited for the finale part 2 on Wednesday at 10 PM ET.

Also, if you are an avid follower the quiz may be a bit easier for you, but it is fun nonetheless. Take the How In Are You? ‘Project Runway’ Quiz!.

Hope you all have fun with what AOL Entertainment has given us and get ready for the grand finale of Project Runway Season 3 tomorrow, Wednesday, October 18th, at 10 PM. A big thanks to Liz from AOL Entertainment!! :-D

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  • ashley

    hey what’s up!!!!!!!!!

  • Naggy

    I love this show. (ipad)

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