By now, I am sure some of you out there are familiar with the lifestyle site Joyus. It’s a fun, interactive, video-based site that lets viewers see items they may want to buy in motion. You know those times where you see an item online, even on a model, but aren’t exactly sure what it would look like on a moving, breathing human being like yourself? Well, Joyous solves that problem for you!

In fact, Joyus’ helpful videos aren’t only limited to clothing and accessories. You can find videos about fashion, beauty, home, food and lifestyle. In these videos, experts with the Joyus team show you how to wear the newest blazer shape, what to look for in makeup brushes, which organizers will help make sense of your bathroom and so much more. Not only are the products amazing, but better yet, you will learn a plethora of tricks and insider tips that you can apply to your life.

If you haven’t checked out Joyus yet, now’s the time!

No matter how many Maison Martin Margiela pieces I see or how much I know abou the history of the brand, the first thing that pops into my head when I see the brands work is, “What’s that jacket, Margiela?” It’s a lyric from “N***** in Paris,” which is a Kanye West song that you’ve probably already heard a million times (but listen to it again after the jump – it’s not a bad way to start a Monday morning). It was one of the biggest tracks of 2011, and as Kanye’s interest in fashion continues to explode, so does the percentage of his lyrics that reference the industry in some way.

In addition to Kanye’s love for Margiela, he’s also developed quite the penchant for black leather, particularly over the past year. (Remember that Givenchy leather skirt he took to wearing on the Watch the Throne tour?) That’s why I can’t think of any other potential owner than Mr. West when I look at the Maison Martin Margiela Leather Holdall Bag, which is the subject of this week’s Man Bag Monday. (more…)

The J.Crew Edie Bag has been a fan favorite since its debut. Not only does the bag have a chic, Mad Men-era retro feel to it without being costume-y, but it’s also a solid everyday bag priced at less than $300, which is a combination that’s difficult to duplicate elsewhere. J.Crew’s style profile has risen sharply over the last five years, and it seems as though the company’s bags have stepped in line with that new tradition quite quickly.

The J.Crew Edie Attache Tote is the newest edition to the line, and in my mind, it’s also a significant design improvement. Something about the finish of the original Edie meant that it never ranked too highly on my personal must-have list, but this sleek tote version ticks all the necessary boxes. Plus, who can resist this shade of green? (more…)

From our team here at PurseBlog, we wish you and your families a wonderful and magical Christmas and hope you enjoy this time with your loved ones.

So what did Santa drop off his sleigh for you this year?

The fashion world’s calendar confuses me. We are bundling up for all the cold weather and we haven’t even passed Thanksgiving, yet resort collections are slowly trickling into the stores. This only makes sense if you live in a tropical climate and I am certain that NYC does not qualify as that. However, while I may be confused, I still love seeing the bright colors and new arrivals hit

New arrivals this Monday include inviting yellow bags from Burberry and Marc Jacobs along with a green Reed Krakoff bag that I adore.

Shop new arrivals at now!

Every single year, I anxiously await the unveiling of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. For as long as I can remember, I stare at the catalog and dream of being able to “win” each out-of-this world package that the store has put together. Some years have wowed me more than others, and while the overall offerings this year are not my favorite to date, I would be totally smitten with the Dream Folly Fantasy Gift.

Blame it on the extravagant engagement party we witnessed for Pandora on this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but who doesn’t want an 18-foot-diameter yurt filled with the most luxurious and inviting linens? (more…)

I should start by saying that I’m not a tanner. I’m naturally very fair and have no desire to change that, and even if I did, the desire to engage in the sort of extended outdoor activity that creates a tan is also not really in my wheelhouse. Among the reasons that I chose to move to New York is that I’m comfortable having only a casual relationship with things like grass and trees.

That being said, I put on my best maxi dress and headed to watch the QuickSilver Pro New York surf competition on Long Island with some friends this past weekend, because who can turn down a trip to the beach on the last weekend of summer? Of all outdoor places, the beach has always been my favorite. But since I’m not much of a weekend warrior, my preparations for a day outside were…insufficient. For the next six months, everyone’s going to be able to tell what kind of handbag I carried this weekend. (more…)

To be perfectly honest with you, I never thought this day would come. Megs and I have been obsessing over nail polish for months (seriously, I’ve amassed about 200 polishes since spring), and we’ve been trying to find a good way to somehow connect it back to handbags so that we could share our obsession with you guys. Thanks to Essie, we’ve finally found a link!

Essie’s Fall 2011 nail polish collection is called Carry On, and all six shades are based on the color palette commonly found in midcentury handbag design. It’s a little Mad Men, a little contemporary, and a whole lot of fun. (more…)

Meredith Wendell Bucket Leather and Canvas Shoulder Bag, $795 via NAP

Colorblocking. Every fashion magazine and fashion lover has been both talking about and sporting this trend for the last few months. Funny thing is, we have all done it with many of our outfits before, yet right now the focus is on extreme lines and colors paired together in an eye-catching way. Many designers in the handbag world have taken a stab and many have failed (remember the Chloe mess we shared earlier this week?). If you are looking for a handbag designer to turn to for the perfectly colorblocked bag, Meredith Wendell is your girl.

I’ve had this bag saved in my tabs list for over a month now meaning to share it with you. I adore the school boy coloring and design of the Meredith Wendell Bucket Leather and Canvas Shoulder Bag. (more…)

Happy 235th Birthday America!! We are celebrating the 4th of July by eating anything red, white, and blue and spending time with friends. Also, I have spent most of the day watching solider homecoming videos which inevitably leads to never-ending tears of happiness (watch this video and tell me it doesn’t make you sob).

Both Amanda and I have turned nail polish obsessed and I have been looking forward to my 4th of July manicure for a few weeks now. Here is how I am wearing red, white, and blue today alongside my white Hermes Kelly Longue. How are you wearing America’s colors and spending your 4th?

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