you didn’t know about the Kate Spade Surprise Sale before now, don’t worry – the fine folks at the brand have been so benevolent as to extend the markdowns, which go as high as 75% off regular retail – for a few more hours. Head on over to Kate Spade and shop an enormous selection of handbags, clothes, jewels and shoes, way below retail, until 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

Shop the Kate Spade Surprise Sale Now!

I’ve had a long obsession with Cambridge Satchel Company and the brand’s now-iconic satchel bags. From the first season that these bags were released, the trend caught on so much so that you couldn’t walk through fashion week tents without seeing one Cambridge Satchel bag after the next. A classic school bag look is what makes this bag pop, and the designers continue to offer an amazing amount of color and personalization options, season after season.

The newest rendition comes with a gorgeous palette of pastels, and since we all know that pastels are the new neutrals and spring has finally arrived, this is the perfect way to add the trend to your accessory wardrobe. The only problem is deciding which color suits your fancy, they are all so lovely in their own rights. The 11″ satchel is available in duck egg blue, lemon, lilac or rose. Even with the popularity of these bags, the price has remained very affordable – buy for $145 via ShopBop.

When you live in a particularly intense place – New York with its overcrowding, LA with its smog, Atlanta or DC with their endless traffic – the lure of a road trip can be enormous, especially when spring gets into full swing and the weather by itself is enough to make you want to leave the house. We all need a little break, and sometimes the only way to satisfy that urge is to physically remove yourself from your normal environs. By the looks of the Kate Spade License Plate Box Clutch, the folks at Kate Spade agree with us.

Kate Spade has carved out a healthy niche for itself with these kinds of literal, whimsical bags, and even though this little clutch isn’t the type of bag that would hold everything you need for an impromptu weekend getaway, carrying this bag would be a very stylish way to signal to your friends that it’s time to rent a car and get out of dodge for a little while. On its own, the design would be adorable with a full-skirted sundress, but that’s probably true of all Kate Spade bags – that’s the brand’s look, and they’ve got it down to a science, right down to the little SUV closure at the top of this bag. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $378.

Even though we’re back in the 50s today, it neared 70 degrees in New York City yesterday, so I can confidently say that it’s time to start bringing out all of our spring finery, even if it’s in defiance of the actual weather outside. That means that pastels like the Mulberry Flower Mini Bag are fair game, and if you’re lucky (and if you followed the clues from our Net-a-Porter x PurseBlog Ultimate Fashion Hunt riddle yesterday), this adorable little bag might be headed your way. The winner will be notified via email soon, but first, let’s discuss why we wanted to reward one of you with this bag in the first place. (more…)

We’ve got a special challenge today for our most bag-savvy readers, and especially our most bag-savvy UK readers! Pippa Middleton was recently spotted in London with this mysterious, buttermilk-hued top handle bag – can you ID it? Pippa and her sis are both known for implementing lots of pieces from smaller, more reasonably priced labels into their wardrobes. One such bag from Modalu London became so popular after it was spotted on Pippa’s arm that the company renamed it after her. Consequently, you can grab the Modalu Pippa Bag for £195.00 (roughly $300 American) at Modalu’s website.

Our first guesses for British celebs are always Mulberry or Anya Hindmarch, but as far as we can tell, it’s neither of those brands, nor is it another Modalu. So we’re asking for your assistance, PB fans! Can you put a brand to this bag?

Pippa Middleton carries a tan leather satchel mystery bag (1) Pippa Middleton carries a tan leather satchel mystery bag (2) Pippa Middleton carries a tan leather satchel mystery bag (3) Pippa Middleton carries a tan leather satchel mystery bag (4)

English model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was recently photographed at the airport in LA carrying a cheetah Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag. (You’ve definitely seen Rosie in Victoria’s Secret lingerie, and you might’ve seen her in Transformers 3, but I’m kind of hoping you didn’t.) Young British celebs love their Mulberry, which is of course based in London, like so many of my other fave designer brands. You can snag the standard black leather version of the Del Ray Bag for $1,500 at Net-a-Porter.

In case you’re unaware, the Del Ray was named after American singer/songwriter Lana Del Ray, whose sultry, pouty pop tunes I rather enjoy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will probably get her own namesake bag soon enough, though I sincerely hope they just call it the “Rosie”, and not the “Huntington-Whiteley.” The “Hot Blond English Babe Bag” would also be sufficient, methinks.

Rose Huntington-Whiteley carries a Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag at the airport in Los Angeles (1) Rose Huntington-Whiteley carries a Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag at the airport in Los Angeles (2) Rose Huntington-Whiteley carries a Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag at the airport in Los Angeles (3) Rose Huntington-Whiteley carries a Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag at the airport in Los Angeles (4)

Here’s Kirstie Alley in New York City, matching her cobalt blue trench to her extra chic Celine Luggage Tote. We find this particular tote truly interesting because the front panel is bright blue snakeskin instead of regular leather. The combo of blue snakeskin, black leather, and white gussets make this an especially gorgeous version of the Luggage Tote. Celine Luggage Totes, like all Celine bags, are only available at high end department stores and Celine boutiques. If you’ve got your heart set on this version, though, watch out – it’ll set you back more than the $2,700 that the all-leather tricolor version costs.

Can we give Kirstie Alley props for a sec? She looks extremely put together here, and not at all like she’s about to be smeared over the cover of every tabloid at the supermarket checkout line for being “out of control!” Also, I’d like to point out that this lady just turned 62 in January. Mad props, Kirstie, for both aging gracefully and making fab bag choices.

It seems as though prolific storm is upon the Northeast, and Mother Nature decided to dump on us during Fashion Week. For all the girls who were planning to wear their most trendy sky-high heels, you are going to be disappointed – this weather will simply not permit it. If you try, my guess is you might go boom on the steps of Lincoln Center. In addition to shoes, we all have bags we carry when it rains, but it’s important to have a good bag to carry when it’s downpour snowing, and even more important is having a great pair of shoes to keep your feet warm and dry. They may not be the most fashionable accessories, but we’ve found the right bag and shoes to help you weather the storm.

(All joking aside, please be safe, stay inside, stock up on necessities, and check in on friends and family.)

Furla Candy Rubber Satchel
$228 via Nordstrom

This spacious bag is crafted with rubber, which means no matter how much snow falls the bag will be fine and your goodies inside will stay dry. Pick a bright color to help you stand out against the white-out snow conditions; think of it as an accessory plus a reflector.

Sorel Caribou Lace Up Boots
$140 via ShopBop

These boots might not be the chicest, but you know what – that doesn’t matter. Your feet will stay super warm, and the biggest factor in keeping feet warm goes hand-in-hand with keeping them dry. These boots do the trick. They are a little heavy and they are definitely not dainty, but in the winter, these are the best option.

We are both excited and shocked that 2013 has arrived. It seems like yesterday I was toasting to the start of 2012. PurseBlog changed so much in 2012 and we are excited to bring you along with us in 2013 for many more additions. There was a theme with the 12 most popular articles of 2012 and it revolved around the letter C: Celebrities, Celine, Chanel.

Kick off the year with us by reviewing the 12 articles that had you all the most excited from 2012!

As each year passes, we feel incredibly lucky to be sharing the journey of PurseBlog with you. 2012 brought so much and we are excited for all the amazing projects and journey 2013 will bring. Thanks to all of you for all you do, for your comments and visits, and we hope to bring you more of the latest and greatest in the designer handbag world this year.

From all of us at PurseBlog, best wishes for a fantastic new year!

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