I am currently coming to you live from South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, where I’ve had lots of opportunities to eat things that make me want to unbutton my pants but not so many opportunities to watch last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Side note: Why is hotel television technology stuck somewhere in 1998?) Because of that, we’ll sadly have no recap for last night’s season finale, but because season finales are often so juicy, we wanted to give you guys a spot to gossip, choose sides and reflect on the season that was. We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming next week, just in time for the reunion.

With a fresh new year, we thought it would be a good time to try some new things around here. As most of you know, PurseBlog is based in New York City, and we wanted to give you a closer look into some of our favorite spots to eat in the Big Apple. We’ve noticed that a lot of you love the photos of food we post on Instagram, so let’s expand on that, shall we? For PurseBlog Eats, we’ll be featuring lots of delicious food, and of course we’ll have some of our favorite bags in tow.

Rosemarys-16 (more…)

On behalf of the entire PurseBlog team, Vlad and I want to say thank you for all of your support in 2013! We had an amazing year and it’s because of you. We have some big projects for 2014 that we know you will love and of course will bring you the greatest in the designer handbag and accessory world. So thank you for everything, Happy New Year, and we look forward to sharing 2014 with you!

If you’re reading this, that means that you’ve survived Black Friday. We did too! Yay for all of us. (Also, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving, but that’s not really what we’re here to talk about.) To commemorate what we all just lived through, we’d like to do to it what the Internet does best: give it the GIF treatment. Below, you’ll find Black Friday, as we (and probably you) just lived it. (more…)

The entire PurseBlog team is wishing all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! We not only give thanks for the preceding year, but also give thanks for all of our blessings, both personal and professional. Thank you for being a part of our site and we hope you celebrate all that you’re thankful for with family and friends along with delicious food!

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[pictured above from left to right: Valentino MOC Clutch, Hermes Alligator Wallet, The Row Lizard Bag]

Personally, I think that right now is a very exciting time of year to want things. Not only are the stores filled with lots of new things, but fall and winter require so much stuff. Sweaters and shirts for layering, cold-weather accessories, shoes for different types of weather and precipitation, all-leather everything, coats and jackets – the options are just endless, on top of all the handbags and accessories that we generally want. This Want It Wednesday, we merely scratch the surface.

Whew, we made it! National Handbag Day was so exciting we can barely put it into words. We had so much fun sifting through the thousands (yes, thousands!) of Instagrams you all posted about how you were spending your day celebrating.

In case you missed any of the action yesterday, we rounded up the best Instagrams from our favorite designers, retailers and fashion insiders, showcasing their most luxurious and covetable handbags. Take a look through this seriously chic slideshow.

Tomorrow is National Handbag Day, and the entire PurseBlog team is so thrilled to celebrate with you! We’ve been sharing some of the best stories about handbags with you this week, including the story behind PurseBlog, my bags around the world and a fun post calling out the the best handbag name-checks in musical history.

Today I want to share five bags I would love to carry tomorrow to celebrate my new favorite holiday, National Handbag Day. We’ll have lots of fun stuff on the blog to celebrate tomorrow (including a huge giveaway!), plus we’ll be sharing more of our bags all day on Instagram tomorrow, so follow along, and remember to tag any images you upload on Instagram with the tag #NationalHandbagDay for a chance to be featured on PurseBlog.

Oscar de la Renta is known for so many things – his incredible evening gowns, his flair for the dramatic, his skill with embellishment that is unparalleled in the fashion industry. Over the last couple of seasons, though, de la Renta has also quietly been becoming a source for luxurious, detailed handbags that will fit right in on the arms of the impeccably dressed women who wear his clothing (or, at the very least, dream of wearing it).

Many fashion lovers may think of tiny clutches when they think of OdlR’s bags (after all, the designer’s evening wear is consistently breathtaking), but de la Renta can grace your arm during the daylight hours just as effectively. The bags all have a precise, tailored quality that you’d expect from a master like Oscar de la Renta, in addition to the finest materials available and plenty of special details like embellished hardware. That’s a recipe for a sophisticated look no matter the occasion. Below, some of our favorites from Oscar’s Fall 2013 collection. To shop the full selection, head on over to the brand’s official site.

Oscar de la Renta Mini Marilia Bag
$1,995 via Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Mini Marilia Bag, Black

Oscar de la Renta Mini Madison Bag
$2,995 via Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Mini Madison Shoulder Bag

Oscar de la Renta Mini Marilia Bag
$1,995 via Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Mini Marilia Bag, Purple

Oscar de la Renta Madison Shoulder Bag
$2,490 via Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Large Madison Shoulder Bag

Oscar de la Renta Mini Marilia Bag
$1,995 via Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Mini Marilia Clutch Green

It happened. I made it through my 20s and today I’ve reached 30 years old. I’m not one to worry about growing older; in fact, I welcome it as with age comes experience and knowledge, or so I hope. My 20s were such an exciting time. I started PurseBlog and PurseForum when I was 21, graduated college, got married, moved to New York and experienced a lot. Growing up never ends, and neither does experiencing life, so I’m excited to welcome my 30s and whatever they bring.

Ok. Uplifting thoughts aside, yikes, I’m 30. (more…)

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