Ladies this is when we need a collaboration of smarts! For Viewer’s Choice I got an email about the new designer Melissa Loyd Maish. But when searching for a website or some product info there is nada. Heather brought this designer to my attention, and I’m hoping all of us can put some info together! I was emailed this: “She has a one-page article in the October Vogue (p. 240). There is no store listed that carries her stuff tho’ it says she had a trunk show at Bergdorf in September. The article shows a pinky/lilac hobo with an interesting cut and studded floral motif and a unique pull toggle closure. Forgive me if this is more frustrating than illuminating!” No apologies necessary Heather! I happened to toss my Style mag when killing a dreadful spider last week (and broke my scanner), so let’s see if some other ladies can help out! Let us know over on the forum! :-)

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