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  • Sunshine

    i like it

  • Deetzi

    My pet peeve with Celine bags in skin s that the skin is strips pieced together. I think at that price point you should be able to make the flap or insert from a single skin.

    • Sue

      then it wouldn’t be at “that price point” – it’d be at The Row price point – big skin, big bucks, bottom line

  • Sebastien

    She looks great ,but the outfit would of been a ten with great sunglasses.

  • AMDG

    She does look great for 62. Good on her, she’s been given a pretty hard time in the tabloids over the years.

  • Amanda

    Pretty! She is looking chic!

  • Miki

    This bag was $4100 when I saw it last October. It’s watersnake.

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