Happy 235th Birthday America!! We are celebrating the 4th of July by eating anything red, white, and blue and spending time with friends. Also, I have spent most of the day watching solider homecoming videos which inevitably leads to never-ending tears of happiness (watch this video and tell me it doesn’t make you sob).

Both Amanda and I have turned nail polish obsessed and I have been looking forward to my 4th of July manicure for a few weeks now. Here is how I am wearing red, white, and blue today alongside my white Hermes Kelly Longue. How are you wearing America’s colors and spending your 4th?

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  • JenG


  • Faiza

    looks awesome… we celebrated canada day with white and red eh!

  • annabelle

    seriously it is perfect!!!

  • Kitty

    Wow..awesome! Do you guy like Japanese nails? I found a very similar designs here: http://www.tananail.com/japanese-3d-nail-set.html

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