How an It bag changed my life

If you are in deep need for some Venus envy, hang a beautiful new designer bag on your arms. It’s the fastest route to respect from women, as RUTH CHEW quickly finds out

You don’t need an Oxbridge degree, a million-dollar trust fund or a Nobel Peace Prize to earn the respect of women these days. Just head out to the shops and buy yourself a designer bag. Better yet, make it the It bag of the season.

Call me shallow but I’ve found it’s my shortcut to earning a few knowing looks of approval from women all around. After all, I don’t have an Ivy League education nor a fat bank account. I’ve made no scholarly breakthrough discoveries nor do I have success stories with a chain of food shops or online businesses to shout about. The respect I’ve earned lately is purely from my choice of bag.

I discovered this after I bought my first designer bag. A seasonal piece on sale over Christmas, it had a signature print from the brand’s Spring collection. Despite being a seasonal item, the bag’s famous shape and print caught the eye of every women whose nose I swung it under.

Read the full article over at the forum… quite an interesting read! Hope some of you enjoy it or have something to say about it :-D

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