If you all do not know already, you will know now that Vlad and I are OSU Alum’s and die-hard Buckeye Fans!!

Whether everyone likes it or not, we are rooting on THE Ohio State University tonight!!!! Let’s go boys! :lol:

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  • Jinny

    Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  • Dara

    Oh yeah baby. Go Bucks! My husband is an AVID Ohio State fan, as he is from Columbus. So..you can bet what is on our t.v. right this minute :wink:

  • Kristen

    Sorry I’m just now seeing this… love your blog and the BUCKEYES! Heading to Columbus tomorrow, hope its not too depressing :sad:

  • Naggy

    I like Buck the Dog better. (ipad)

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