Well, things are finally settling down. My family is still without power and not able to live at home down in Florida, but they have settled for a condo on the West coast of Florida for now- rough life, eh? ;-) The rest of the family is healthy, after a little scare last week, so now my life is somewhat back to normal! Viewer’s Choice Monday has been on a bit of a hiatus- but will begin again next week. Remember to either email me {megs@purseblog.com}, find me on AIM {nickname: PurseBlog} or post in the forum on the Viewer’s Choice Thread what you would like to see! That will finally be back in business, and I hopefully have some other great things to come for all of you soon (once I can finally get back to my home in Florida and things settle- luckily my place in Florida is fine). Hope you all are doing well!! Have a safe, fun, and sexy Halloween!! :-D

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  • Heaven

    GOOD TO HEAR : )

  • Zippy

    Thank you God

  • Naggy

    Woohoo, good news. (ipad)

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