Sorry about today. Today was the funeral of our friend who passed away. It ended up being more draining and much harder than either Vlad or I expected. Again, all of you must remember never to go to bed without telling the ones you love that you love them and to always live life to it’s fullest. Jess was the most amazing girl and can never be replaced or forgotten. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends.

JCB- Forever in our hearts…

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  • Zippy


  • lmpsola

    Yes, we will keep her, and her family in our prayers! I hope you and Vlad, feel much better. We will be waiting for you guys.

  • billyjoe


  • Naggy

    I hope you guys have healed a lot by now from this tragic event. (ipad)

  • KY

    Hugs! (ipad)

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