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  • lilay

    WOOHOO! Happy birthday megs!

  • laura

    Happy Birthday!!!
    i just turned 30 this year too and I’m as excited to welcome my 30s as you are.

  • weaslgrl

    Happy birthday Megs! Thank you so much for all the time, love and fun you put into this blog. I’m sure I speak for all of your readers in saying how much I appreciate it. BTW, life really gets going at 30 — you’re old enough to know better, but not too old to go ahead and do it anyway! Best wishes to you.

    • Super sweet, thanks for saying such kind things – I’m so happy to have such fabulous readers like you!!

  • Chris

    Happy Birthday, Megs! All the best ! You can be very proud of your accomplishments.

    From my own experience I can confirm that turning 30 is awesome. I had a lot of fun. So, enjoy your 30s.

  • sara

    Happy Birthday, enjoy!

  • Amanda

    Happy birthday Megs!!!!!

  • jpf

    Happy Birthday Megs! Enjoy your 30s — Thanks for starting the awesome purseforum and purseblog. Thank you for creating and facilitating a wonderful online community that helps connect people and the products we obsess about. Looking forward to many more wonderful posts in the coming years….

    Cheers to you!

    • So happy to hear how much you love the blog and forum as well!! Thank you!

  • MAC

    Happy Birthday and Good list especially the last one lol. Why not?

    • HAHAHA… I was craving pizza when I wrote this, so I figured I why not?!

  • Classic Chic

    Happy Birthday Megs!

  • amer

    Happy bir day meg and good choice on the tiffanys bag no one has that yet ;)

  • Chiizi

    Happy 30th Birthday, same DOB as Pippa Middleton!

  • John

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you lots of love, blessings, and bags on your special day :)

  • Jane

    Happy Birthday! Good luck Vlad I hope you picked a great gift!!! Everything is beautiful I would love an in home pizza oven it would be amazing.

    • Ohh he did amazing, I did get one of the gifts on my list, reveal soon!! ;)

  • Happy Birthday Megs!

  • Anna

    Happy birthday dear

  • ?? ?

    Reading your blog is the one thing I mostly expect every single day???~

  • ma263

    Happy Bday!!!

    • HAHAHAHAHA, there are few items on this list that are anything other than far out dreams!

  • Guest

    Happy Birthday! You’ve accomplished so much for someone so young.

    BTW 30 is nothing. My mother says nothing truly interesting happens to a woman before age 40. She’s right.

  • Jen

    Happy Birthday! I recently found your blog and I am addicted! I am so happy to dind fellow ladies and gents with an addiction to handbag love! Hope you get all of the things on your wishlist :). Cheers to many more!

  • Jessica Henderson

    Happy 30th, Megs! Wow, I didn’t realize you were only 30! You have accomplished SO much! Inspirational, to say the least!

  • Aidan

    Happy birthday from a 17 year old reader! :)

  • Kats

    Hope you had a great b’day! Keep up the good work!

  • Tillie46

    Happy Birthday Megs!!

  • chris

    Wisdom comes from experience… celebrate what you’ve already understood but
    look forward to the many things there always are to learn.

  • Marcus

    Happy Birthday Megs! I’ve been reading PBfor over 7 years and truly appreciate all the hard work you and Vlad and Amanda do!

  • Paula

    Hello! I also turned 30 mysef one week ago, and I am looking forward to buy myself a nice bag from an American brand when coming to NY next November (1st part of my present). Since I live in Paris, I would like to know if you could suggest some ideas of bags that are not so common to bring back and show to all my fashionista friends! what could contest a Chanel or an Hermès from the USA side? thank you so much! and Happy birthday :)

    • M

      haha i don’t think a bag like that exists…!!

    • What about a beautiful The Row bag or Victoria Beckham? Happy 30th to you too!

  • karen

    oh my gosh you are still soooo young!! happy happy birthday!! i am turning 5-0 this year. ARRGGHHH, where does the time go?? enjoy your thirties- lots of change usually in this decade-i got married, had babies. etc….and learned so much about myself and those around me, still learning:)) have a great day!!

    • Yes, I really do look forward to my 30s, there should be some major life changes!

  • Kathleen

    Happy Birthday megs!!! Such an inspiration to realize that you started this forum at 21. Can’t wait for the birthday reveal!

  • Cat

    Happy Birthday!! I need to borrow your list :) I probably can only afford the candle though

  • Lilly

    Ambitious list. Happy birthday!

  • Jennifer

    Hope you had the happiest of birthdays! Great wish list!

  • thabile

    Happy Bday wishes from South Africa

    • Thanks – should have added to the list that I totally want to go to South Africa!

  • Monica

    Yes! an in-home pizza oven!!!!

    • Monica

      and happy belated beeday! I love love your blog. Stay awesome :D

  • Mona

    Happy birthday Meg from Egypt

  • Sarah

    happy birthday!!! I love the whale pitcher! TDF! :D

  • Designdae

    This is a very influential and resourceful blog. Please keep the good work! Happy belated bday!

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