We haven’t been going crazy bombarding you with New York Fashion Week coverage for a very simple reason – we know just the right collections to share that you will undoubtably love, but for the past week we’ve been all over NYC to see the Spring 2014 shows. I’ve seen so many collections I’ve adored, and of course amazing bags. We are just over half way through New York Fashion Week, and through the first of Monday’s shows, these are the 12 best bags thus far. When it comes to the bags, geometric patterns, natural touches and black and white are looking major for Spring 2014. Which is your favorite?

More than any other designer at his contemporary price point, Alexander Wang has a tendency to put difficult-to-carry bags on his New York Fashion Week runways. Most similar designers use their shows as a vehicle to introduce their highly profitable marquee accessories to a potentially adoring public, but Wang generally goes the way of his more-expensive brethren and saves the cash cow bags for his lookbooks. Instead, his runways feature a few handbag shapes that set the tone for what’s to come from the rest of the collection.

It’s a bit of a departure, then, that for Spring 2014, most of Wang’s runway bags look actually wearable. In particular, the softly geometric clutches look like a sure bet. (Another near-sure bet: they’ll come with crossbody straps to make them even more practical once the bags hit retail.) The oversize satchels will be a bit of a tougher sell, but in scaled-down versions (and Wang almost always releases smaller versions of oversized runway bags), they should be well-liked by Wang’s usual fans. Intriguingly, the satchels also appeared to have three-point handle attachments on their undersides, hinting that perhaps an optional backpack setup will accompany those designs at retail. How of-the-moment.

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As we all know by now, Victora Beckham’s is one of the rare celebrity fashion lines done right. Not only does Beckham’s brand make a cocktail frock with the kind of painstaking tailoring you don’t find many places, but the precision extends to the line’s excellent handbags and shoes, the latter of which are in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. I only wish that Beckham’s Spring 2014 runway bags came in more shapes.

Instead, Beckham chose mostly to stick with the duffels and clutches that have seen success for her in the past, except now they’re re-imagined on a more petite scale and in a triangular print that was mirrored in the collection’s clothes. Like many of New York’s collections, the bags were fashioned mainly out of light neutrals, with a healthy dose of black here and there. Beckham may be British, but this is New York, after all.

Check out the collection below or shop Victoria’s current bag designs via Net-a-Porter.

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Fashion show settings can range from the mundane (rows of seats and a while runway) to the sublime (anything Chanel’s done in the past five years), and Kate Spade always prefers to be on the latter end of the spectrum. For the Kate Spade Spring 2014 collection, Kate Spade created an indoor garden party, the white pebbled entrance of which recalled Chanel’s spectacular Spring 2011 runway show, also set in a garden created indoors. (more…)

Every season, I anxiously await the Oscar de la Renta show. This season was no different, but there was a different sense of anticipation when it came to the show; talks around the fashion world surrounded John Galliano’s presence and assistance in de la Renta’s atelier leading up to the show. What happened was a pairing of the whimsical world of Oscar de la Renta with a touch of intensity from Galliano for Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013.

Not only did we photograph the show, but we also captured video to help bring you into the world of Oscar de la Renta. Shop Oscar de la Renta online for current season looks – we hope you love the video!

New York Fashion Week is now a distant memory, but this season we decided to make our memories last by shooting video at some of our favorite shows. It’s hard to describe the mood and feeling you get at fashion week in words, and while pictures help paint the picture, video brings it all to life.

We started with one of my favorite collections, BCBGMAXAZRIA. From the mood backstage to the looks each model wore, this line was calling me from moment one.

Join us as we take you behind the scenes with a look at one of the hottest shows of New York Fashion Week, from behind-the-scenes prep to the runway. Let us know your feedback in the comments below!

Leave it to the French to cap off the Fall 2013 show season with a fashion week full of subtle, elegant, incredibly luxurious bags. Along with the clothes that graced the majority of the runways at Paris Fashion Week, the bags were largely casual and wearable; where a thousand rhinestone-encrusted clutches once stood, we instead found functional everyday bags in shades of ivory, burgundy and black. Lest we forget about the luxury of it all, many of those bags were rendered in lush exotics.

This is what our continental friends do best, of course; these bags all look easy, and they will be easy to carry, but they’re all designed just so. Luxury doesn’t have to be inconvenient or trend-based, it can be just that: luxury. For the best bags that embody that ideal from Paris Fashion Week, check out our roundup below.

[Images via Vogue]

How to translate Fashion Week publicity and excitement into quick sales has been a logistical problem plaguing the fashion industry for some time. By their very nature, fashion shows are showcases of clothing that has yet to be manufactured, but with almost every show imaginable streaming online and images up on Style.com within hours, they also provide a huge public window on new collections, and the public is not that good at waiting. Taking a note from pre-order pioneers Moda Operandi, Neiman Marcus now allows shoppers to pick from a tightly edited selection of pieces straight off the runway, which then ship as soon as they become available.

This is the second season that Neiman Marcus has offered this option, and although the pickings are a tad slim (perhaps a not-so-tightly-edited approach will follow in the future when the power of the pre-order is more widely appreciated), some information about Fall 2013 trends can be gleaned from the handbag offerings. First, I hope you liked Fall 2012′s oxblood mania, because it’s not going anywhere. Second, I hope you still like leopard, because it, too appears to be here for the duration. Check out the best handbags of the bunch below, or head over to Neiman Marcus to shop the entire pre-order selection, including clothes and shoes.

Last week, we spotlighted what celebrities and fashion people were carrying to attend the Chanel Fall 2013 show (shocker: lots of Chanel), but its far from the only show that attracts stars and their handbags at Paris Fashion Week. From Stella McCartney to Louis Vuitton, American, European and Asian celebs carried a ton of envy-inducing bags all over Paris in the past week. Thankfully, a horde of photographers was there to document the entire thing.

Predictably, most of the stars wore bags made by (and given to them by) whatever brand they were lined up to see. At Paris Fashion Week, though, that’s still sight the behold; I don’t really care how someone came to have a Valentino, Dior or Louis Vuitton bag, I just enjoy looking at them. And look at them we shall, below.

There are few sure things in life (other than death and taxes, as the old trope goes), but a bevy of beautiful handbags at a Louis Vuitton show is absolutely on that short list. The company makes no bones about the importance of leather goods to its business, and creative director Marc Jacobs always makes sure to put the best of the best on display for editors, buyers and LV fans alike. For Louis Vuitton Fall 2013, that means a couple of Vuitton’s most classic shapes (think Speedy and Pochette Accessoires), done up in materials like fur, python, crocodile and feathers.

Like Jacobs’ own show, the color palette was rich but muted, and a couple of the materials (particularly the snakeskins) seemed like perhaps they appeared on handbags in both lines. When it came to the bags, though, Vuitton kept things classic; the biggest leaps of the collection were fur-covered Speedy bags that looked like muffs, and although fur bags are difficult to pull off, the inherently amorphous shape of the Speedy freed up Jacobs to experiment with longer fur than a more structured bag would require. If you’re looking for something more traditional, a python Speedy or soft crocodile fold-over quasi-Lockit are better bets. For me, though, the most interesting bags of the collection were the feather-covered Pochettes Accessoires, which looked almost like they had been adorned with short locks of colorful hair.

[Images via Style.com and TheCut]

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