Kate Spade Spring/Summer 2013 (1)

Kate Spade has done such a stellar job branding itself that when you go to one of its presentations, you know approximately what to expect: bright colors, unrelenting girlishness and just a little dash of sass. The brand’s signature style of femininity lends itself well to retro references, especially those from the tailored, full-skirted American midcentury, where life was supposed to be just as idyllic as it is inside a Kate Spade window display. In retrospect, the 60s weren’t quite so pristine, but that doesn’t mean Kate’s clothes can’t be.

Kate Spade Spring 2013 is full of technicolor prints (especially gingham), neon pumps and sweet little suits of boucle and summer tweeds. Some of the models toted actual Kate Spade picnic baskets, but my favorite was the wicker tube bag made especially for holding a full-size glass bottle of your favorite sparkling water. Kate has always had a yin for irreverence, and this season’s super-60s throwback was full of it. Check out our full gallery of the collection after the jump.

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  • SandiG

    The Wicker Apple bag is Cute!

  • Ruhee

    I love Kate spade.. So colorful…

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