J. Mendel Runway Fall/Winter 2013 (1)

Sometimes I find it hard to go to a show at fashion week and not get carried away in the beauty of it all. I end up leaving a show and thinking how magical it was, but then I remember that just because the experience is great doesn’t mean the clothing was as well. That’s absolutely not the case for any J. Mendel show I’ve been to; actually quite the opposite. Each and every time, J. Mendel manages to take me away to an ethereal world of beauty and grace. You might only associate the brand with red carpet looks, but watch out, this designer has a blossoming knack for accessories that was on display during the Fall 2013 runway show.

All of the premiere designers out there better make room, because J. Mendel is not only in town, but has also pulled up a front row seat to join you. I, for one, could not be more thrilled by this development; I find myself feeling like I am part of a dream world at each of his shows and don’t want it to end. Be ready to be transformed, and take a look at 20 moments to make you fall in love with J. Mendel Fall 2013.

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    Fabulous, I agree!

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