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The first time I attended New York Fashion Week (which begins tomorrow, or already began, depending on whose schedule you’re on) after moving to the city, I carried a Celine Luggage Tote. That was several years ago, right when the Luggage Tote had reached the height of its unobtainability, and I had acquired the bag by paying for it six months in advance, in full, over the phone, sight unseen. I never ended up using it very much, but if it was going to make an appearance anywhere, it was definitely at Fashion Week, where I still felt a bit like I was faking it in a sea of people who truly belonged. (Before long, you realize that absolutely everyone feels like they’re faking it unless they have genuine delusions of grandeur.) (Some of them do.) Not even those insiders could get their hands on this bag, though, which made me frequent fodder for the street style photographers who prowled the fountain area outside of Lincoln Center.

That’s when I learned something that I had always suspected to be true: it’s completely possible to disappear behind your handbag, if the bag is good enough. My outfits were an utter mess, which I knew at the time but know even more vividly now, but that didn’t matter to anyone because I had the bag, the bag, that everyone wanted to look at. Even though the accessories industry is without a reigning It Bag of the moment, a great handbag is still the best way to get your picture snapped, if that’s your goal, but it’s also a great way to pull together a simple outfit in everyday life and make it seem special. That’s all those “fashion people” are doing, after all. Below, check out the best bags to wear for flinging yourself in front of photographers or re-wearing that shirt you may or may not have already worn to work on Monday.

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  • Tiffany

    Love this “normal person” view of what it’s like to be part of Fashion Week. :)

    • Amanda Mull

      I was oh so normal that first season. (And, I mean, I’m still normal, but you get used to how to fit in with the hubbub.)

  • Petra B.

    Yes, most of them are ridiculous, but that Kotur clutch is so romantic and beautiful and I’d wear it in a heartbeat.

  • Jennifer Eddy

    I like the Fendi Chevron one, I wouldn’t pay 5k for a tote bag though LoL.

    • louch

      Reminds me of another one of those “Elmo” type bags!

  • Lynnie

    Do you know if any of the photographers published photos of you? It would be nice to put a face to the name and I refuse to believe that you could look bad.

  • willeosoeurs

    I would include this in the list as well

    • Lilo Bird

      Celine always owns the street!!!

      • kat

        looks like a sponge bob or a pac man character
        or maybe a robot from the 60s
        face palm

  • Divealicious

    ‘Neon camouflage’… paradox? ;)

  • JNH14

    Maybe I’m getting old, but some of these are just plain fugly! And to pay the amount of money they want for them is crazy!

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Most of these (correction, ALL of these) look like over-the-top cartoon characters for bags. But the Valentino and Fendi ones do make me smile.

  • kat

    kenzo faux leather for $500+ = C’MON, REALLY? =,/
    at LEASt make it real *i do realize they’re probably making a point about the environment or be nice to animals, but its ?PVC? (not environmentally safe in the process of making)
    and don’t get me started on the Valentino Rockstud or the Fendi Owl.
    just ugh.
    not stylish, cute or otherwise worthy of carrying, anywhere – anyone? anyone??

    face palm

  • Unemployedforfirsttime

    Unemployment extension was turned down by republicans in senate after 26 weeks of unemployment with an MBA
    I won’t even be able to afford a burlap bag

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