:!: Drop everything and anything that matters and makes sense in your life!!! Seriously, get yourself to Bergdorf Goodman and order the Prada Napa Fringe Hobo in ivory before it goes out of stock! Ok, my sarcasm level is an all time high right now.

Rawr? Animal print has been used through out fashion time to add a bit of sex appeal and a racy flare, but this bag is overdone. When most consumers look for animal print, they want a splash of it, not an entire bag of it.

A new fringe bag that has sparked all sort of debate is the Prada Fringe Tote that I once really despised and then decided I liked *on Victoria Beckham*. Between those stars are the key words.

Like I have said many times, I grew up on the ocean. Well not on it per say, although I always wanted to live in the ocean in Stilt City but that is besides the point.

Proudly sporting the ‘Art to Wear Girl Scout Badge’

Oh yes, I was in girl scouts. You better believe it. And when I was too young to be in girl scouts, I was an honorary members of my sisters troop (where my mom was of course the troop leader).

I find that many women obsess over sizing. ‘Good gawd this is an 10, I don’t wear a 10! I’m not buying this’ or ‘seriously I am going on a diet and once I get to my goal these 6’s will fit’.

Top left to right, bottom left to right

Fendi Laser Cut Satchel $1240 via Saks, Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted Nylon Kristen $675 at eLuxury, Chloe Denim Logo Tote through Bergdorf Goodman $830, Marc by Marc Jacobs Laminated Tote via eLuxury $278.

Yesterday I spoke of simplicity working wonders in the world of handbags, today I will talk about trying too hard which inevitably can create a handbag disaster. I am a huge fan of Chloe, heck, I have 2 Chloe bags.

Way back in once upon a time, I was in grade school. Come 6th grade, there was a school dance. I wore some dress of horrors I am sure and had really fugly lipstick on too I am sure and no doubt stood at one end of the gym while the boys were on the other end.

5. Fendi Crossword Grande Mirrored Bag.

I know silver is the new gold, but I prefer not looking at myself on this bag. I can picture bystanders giving me the ‘are you seriously wearing that bag’ look which I would be able to see in the reflections of my handbag.