I like flowers, I really do. But excuse me Ms. Fiore while I gag. I’m sorry to any of you who I may offend but these bags just make me nauseous. Everything is wrong. Let me being with the soft leather, I don’t see it? Next we have the un-missable “leather flower in four delicious colors”. Delicious? I think not. Seriously, this post has to be short because this coin purse is just really making me want to shut my eyes and run the other way. This atrocity comes in black, yellow, and lavender and you can waste $75 on the Isabella Fiore “Flower In Hand” Wristlet Frame at Adasa.

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  • What happened to Isabella Fiore? She used to be so fun and full of whimsy. Now she’s gone off the deep end….

  • Not only do I agree with you, but I really think her bags are looking cheap now too, and they should not… I’m totally disappointed

  • billyjoe

    im sorry to be the one disagreeing but geez those are quite adorable. especcially the black and pink one

  • Naggy

    These look like what you’d get at a dollar store and the designs are unattractive. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like those bags either. (ipad)

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