We’ve talked about Tom Ford bags a bit on PurseBlog, and it seems that our team has mixed feelings. I tend to like the direction of the line, while Amanda thinks that the designs are lacking. Just goes to show you – our taste is similar, but it’s definitely not identical.

But a bag that I recently found staring at me from my computer screen isn’t like the rest of the Tom Ford collection. It’s furry and totally out-there, and guess what, the fur of this bag isn’t just made to look like skunk, it is skunk. That’s right, for $1,660 you can own a designer bag made from skunk fur.

I find it oddly humorous that Tom Ford turned to an animal that is not known for the beauty of its fur, rather the atrocious smell it can make, to design a bag that’s sold at high end retailers. The fur comes from an Italian skunk (not sure how they compare to American skunks), and it adorns the golden-framed bag and pushlock closure. When it comes to a bag this odd, there’s no one better to turn to than you all to fill in the blank. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $1,660.

Fill in the blank in the comments below: The Tom Ford Skunk Fur Minaudiere is ________.

Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • emcooper

    I think of evening purses as elegant, and skunk just can’t be elegant- no matter whose name is on it.

  • Patricia Gomes

    I sense Pepe Le Pew is about to fall in love again…

  • Laura

    that is quite ugly, in my opinion.

  • Its kind of cute.

  • JennieM

    Pepe le pew’s love child

  • renyoj

    I don’t think I’d want to touch that fur.

  • monpetitsecret

    wanna touch it and don’t wanna touch it… hmmm

  • Miriam


  • Pepe Le Pew?;)

  • Amanda

    Looks like a tribble from Star Trek!

  • missbrasilnyc

    The Tom Ford Skunk Fur Minaudiere…stinks! Ha ha.

  • Thais M.

    weird. For me at least. Not only because it’s a skunk, but also because it’s real fur. I know it is absolutely hypocrite to use leather and think real fur is atrocious, but idk… It’s just awkward to have a dead skunk as a clutch hahaha, just doesn’t sound great

  • Maya

    skunky!! Ahahahahaha!!

  • shueaddict

    … the perfect bag to wear with Celine’s furkenstocks. I am with Amanda on the whole bag collection, the big gold accents put me off. I feel like for that kind of money (and name) they just don’t pack enough coolness.

  • nnenna1881

    fill in the blanks…this clutch is a mess and i am in love with all things Tom Ford including the man but i cannot bear this mess…

  • Karin bag4bag

    The Tom Ford Skunk Fur Miniaudiere is disturbing… I buy leather bags and I know where they come from, but something about it being a furry (and unpleasantly scented) little animal just puts me off.

  • Hippohelly

    Plain and not very original. Louis Vuitton did a few takes on it with its Clair-Obscur Speedy a few years ago and the furry bags from the FW 2012 collection. Created a small amount of buzz in the press and was soon gone. Noone really wears those…

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