Designers took us on a safari with many of their spring 2012 collections. From Donna Karan to Michael Kors, we saw wooden accents, animal prints, and tons of browns and greens. Alexander McQueen took a stab at this trend as well with the Savana Satchel.

Pairing ocelot-print calf hair, brown leather, gold spikes, and earthy hues, the Alexander McQueen Savana Satchel is sure to be an attention-grabber. Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on your own style, of course. Some safari prints are just too much while others are just right. Buy through Net-A-Porter for $2,525. What do you think?

Fill in the Blank: The Alexander McQueen Savana Satchel is ____________.

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  • Hilary_Sloan

    kinda cool in an unexpected way…

    • suz

      I agree…..

  • AshleyG

    I think it’s hifuglieous

  • Marie Martell
  • Reality Junkie


  • cca.

    an Outback must 

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Really cool…..

  • Rashida_16

    A travesty. If this is what Alexander McQueen is coming out with… It’s not looking good! Ugly, deplorable, and overpriced!!!!!!

  • Happy_kid00


  • Leslie

    Something that could be used by Katniss in the Hunger Games for both defending herself and as a game bag…so in other words…not real pretty and the price tag makes it even more “un-pretty.”

  • klynneann


  • 19yearslater

    Apocalypse Now

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