Brightly colored handbags always make me smile because I equate vibrant colors with warm weather and sunshine. This clutch is no different; right when it hit the virtual Net-A-Porter shelves, I began staring. This bag features a variety of sunny brights, all striped together to make a rainbow pattern. The hard box clutch is made with python skin and sealed with a funky bauble closure. This is the Net-a-Porter debut of designer Sophia Webster, and the collection is playful and fun, but we want to hear what you think. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $995.

Fill in the Blank: The Sophia Webster Azealia Striped Python Clutch is ______.

As smartphone screens (and by extension, the smartphones they’re attached to) get larger, it seems like clutches are getting smaller. Sure, I can take the case off my iPhone and wedge it into most of them, but then I have a naked iPhone! Don’t these people know how much anxiety a naked iPhone gives me? I worked in an electronics store in college. Nothing good can come of a naked phone, especially one with two glass faces.

Which brings me to the Givenchy Star-Embellished Minaudiere, the subject of today’s installment of Fill in the Blank. With the size and opening structure of this clutch, exactly how much can you expect to fit into it? Enough to actually leave the house without a second bag? Stand back everyone, I’m about to do some math.

Barneys advertises the bag as seven inches tall, although it doesn’t stipulate whether or not that includes the handle or just the body of the bag. If it includes the handle, give up and go home – there’s no hope for fitting anything inside. If that seven inches is only the body of the bag, though, that means that the mirror-lined door is 4.55 inches tall, larger than the height of a naked iPhone 4S. (If you have an iPhone 5, which is taller, you’re on your own for the math.) At a slim 1.5 inches thick, including the structure of the clutch itself, I certainly hope you don’t need more than your house key, ID, a credit card and a folded-up $20. If you’ve got an especially bulbous car key, you might be out of luck.

So riddle me this, PurseBloggers – what would you fit in this clutch, if you were presented with such a challenged?

If you’d like to take the challenge in real life, you can pick up the bag for $3,995 via Barneys.

I’ve got a major crush on many of the upcoming Alexander McQueen bags, but this bag is not on that list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like this clutch – the shape is quite beautiful – but it’s not on my want-it-now list. When I first saw it, I couldn’t tell what the pattern was. Upon further inspection, the entire clutch is taken over by an outline of a dragonfly.

While many insect-detailed accessories are in-your-face, this pattern is demure and flies under the radar. I love the fact that the colors are very neutral and versatile, and the silk-satin gives an elegant finish. Price is $525 via Net-A-Porter.

Fill in the Blank: The Alexander McQueen De Manta printed silk-satin clutch is ____.

Winter is upon us, with temperatures that chill us to the bone, but fret not – resort is starting to hit stores. Every season, I wrack my brain trying to make sense of the timeline that brings bikinis into stores in January, but it’s not dictated by the same logic that the rest of us use. Even though we are in the middle of a cold streak in NYC, Dolce & Gabbana just released a new resort bag that hit Net-A-Porter late last week.

I love resort season because all I can think about is perfect getaways to warm tropical locations. The ideal beach bag is a large shopper, and the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Kendra Straw Shopper is an attention-grabber. From the Spring 2013 collection, this bag is covered in paper-thin multi-colored raffia. But our question is, what do you think of this bag? Buy via Net-A-Porter for $1,895.

Fill in the Blank: The Dolce & Gabbana Miss Kendra Straw Shopper is _____.

We love having a little Fill in the Blank fun, and I realized I haven’t filled this category in a while. As much as I love talking about bags, I love hearing what you all think about them as well, and there is no better way to have you sound off than a Fill in the Blank post.

Pierre Hardy may not be a brand you immediately think of when thinking of designer handbags, but his designs are quite beautiful. The aesthetic is easily recognizable, and that’s important when it comes to making a name for yourself. Taking on the color blocking trend (do we still call that a trend?), the Pierre Hardy Color-Block Suede Bag mixes pop-bright shades of red, orange, teal and blue. As with other Pierre Hardy bags, this one has a modern edge and I can see it working well for winter into spring and summer. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $795.

Fill in the blank: The Pierre Hardy Color-block Suede Bag is _______.

I’ve been open and honest about my love of the extremely beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Bag. This bag is easy to love – everything about it is beautiful, but also a bit demure. There are so many amazing colors being released, but I don’t remember seeing a fully exotic version until now. With all the positive things that YSL has done with this bag, it is hard to see the wrong. Unfortunately, I see it when it comes to this rendition.

Typically I like python bags, but the color combination and print is just irking me in this instance. It’s hard to run into a bag that I truly love and still find a version that I don’t care for, but that’s what happened. I’m turning to you all to see if you agree, so help me out and fill in the blank! Shop this bag via Neiman Marcus for $5,495.

Fill in the blank: The Yves Saint Laurent ChYc Medium Python Tote Bag is _____.

It’s been a decade since Alber Elbaz joined Lanvin, and since his start the brand has taken a turn for the better. More people recognize Lanvin and consider it a brilliant collection, myself included. To celebrate his first ten years, Lanvin is launching a celebratory capsule collection. The widely recognized Happy Medium bag is a spotlight in the collection, and pictured above is one of the limited edition versions that was just released.

The brand has roots in whimsical glamour, and this bag is no exception. But is it too over the top? This version features a metallic gold woven canvas body with a hand-embroidered heart applique embellished with red crystals. The best way to put words to this bag is turning to you. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $2,590.

Fill in the blank: The Lanvin Happy Medium Metallic Canvas Shoulder Bag is ____.

We’ve talked about Tom Ford bags a bit on PurseBlog, and it seems that our team has mixed feelings. I tend to like the direction of the line, while Amanda thinks that the designs are lacking. Just goes to show you – our taste is similar, but it’s definitely not identical.

But a bag that I recently found staring at me from my computer screen isn’t like the rest of the Tom Ford collection. It’s furry and totally out-there, and guess what, the fur of this bag isn’t just made to look like skunk, it is skunk. That’s right, for $1,660 you can own a designer bag made from skunk fur. (more…)

Oh, Jimmy Choo.

On a certain level, you have to respect the brand for doggedly pursuing its over-the-top aesthetic in spite of the fact that fur, fringe, embroidery and purple suede, when all grouped together on the same handbag, are objectively a bad idea. I’m not sure if tireless commitment to bad ideas is a laudable thing or not, but at the very least, consistency is appreciated. Whether or not I appreciate the Jimmy Choo Biker Fox and Floral Shoulder Bag is a different issue. (more…)

Ladies and gents, I’ve got a major crush on a Prada bag that seems like it makes little sense to add to my collection but I feel like I may dream about it… often. Over the weekend, the annual Governor’s Island Jazz Age Lawn Party took place in NYC, and while I missed out on stopping by, I closely followed images of friends that partook in this 1920s-themed weekend. If I were there, this Prada Madras Evening Bag is precisely what I would so desperately want to carry along with me.

And as much as I love this bag, I really want to hear what you all think. Before you click after the jump to hear more of what I think, make sure you share your thoughts.

Fill in the Blank: The Prada Madras Evening Bag is ________________. (more…)

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