Christian Louboutin Bikini Pouch, $995 via NAP

I searched PurseBlog and realized we only have a handful of posts on (most likely) my favorite color: cobalt blue. Blue has always been my color, but there is something about a bright shocking blue that is not overly aggressive but still lures me in so strongly. Celine did this wonderfully and I count myself as one of the few and one of the lucky to own a Celine Cobalt Blue Luggage Tote.

On the other hand, I’m in a love-hate relationship with Christian Louboutin bags, but the Bikini Pouch immediately caught my attention. The royal blue stands out beautifully against the watersnake zip top pouch which is offset by a silver-tone chain link strap. The interior of course features a red grosgrain lining with a slip pocket. Many times I show a bag that I think is absurd for our Fill in the Blank category, but this week I am changing it up by showing you a bag I adore. Do you too? Buy via Barneys for $995.

Fill in the blank: The Christian Louboutin Bikini Pouch is ___________________.

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  • lintmag

    is….yet another snake in a very snakey season. Kind of a cool chain though.

  • KellyX

    Finally, something decent from Mr Louboutin.

    • martiniandlace


  • Silversun

    …. like a little version of that big blue Alexander McQueen blue python tote! Me like.

  • Bir

    Basic !! I think that covers it !!

  • J Umm
  • Jessica

    Boring! But am I the only one who thinks it looks like it has a camel toe? lol I hate to be crude, but maybe its just the way the bag was photographed. lol I mean it would make sense b/c it’s called the bikini bag!

  • klynneann


  • rose60610

    a pretty shade of blue

  • Jackie


  • Shirley J


  • AW

    cute! Not the first word i would associate with Loubs but definitely applies here

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    The Christian Louboutin Bikini Pouch is: cool, but a little pointless. I bet it could be used as a bag for my MP3 re-charger instead or a bikini (I HATE the beach!).

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      Oh fudge, I meant to write “for a bikini” not “or a bikini”! Even talking about beach related items seems to make me nervous.

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