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  • Debra

    This is a great collection. I especially love the weird nubby clutches. I’ll have to check these out in person.

  • Amanda

    Gorgeous! Love the sequins, the nubs and the colors.

  • bir

    FENDI IS BACK !!!!! not that it ever truly left it just rested for a bit but so many of this bags are attractive they are becoming very unique and understated/flashy sculpture like cool !!!

  • Sandra

    I purchased a 2Jours and I love it, a beautiful stylish bag.

  • Monsieur Gougou

    The 2jours in blue is mine, and it of the 122 bags I own, it is fast becoming my favourite. I can’t be without it, and I am a man! I now want a peekaboo, and am revisiting my baguettes from years gone by.

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