Fendi Spring 2013

Every season, I wait for that first handbag collection that truly excites me to debut on the runway. The designer almost always changes season to season, and sometimes it doesn’t happen until well in to Paris Fashion Week. For the past two seasons, though, it’s been Fendi that struck first – the Fendi 2Jours Tote is not only excellent as a neutral-colored day bag, but it lends itself to embellishments and reinterpretation many times over, which makes for an excellent runway bag.

Fendi Spring 2013 is a master class in reinterpretation, not only with the 2Jour, but with Fendi classics like the Baguette and the Peekaboo gracing the runway in new and unexpected ways. Many of the bags had their metal hardware removed entirely, choosing instead to feature plastics that matched the collection’s message of modernism. In fact, assumptions about construction are integral to these pieces – the clothing was all assembled with saldatura electrical welding instead of sewing. The bags appear to have been stitched, but the way many of them are assembled out of angled leather panels subverts our normal expectations of how we should perceive a bag’s construction. With the variety of materials included in this collection – leather, neoprene, enamel, fur, hard plastic, vinyl, woven textiles, snakeskin, sequins, you name it – Fendi is teaching an accessories master class for Spring 2013.

[Images via Vogue.com]

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  • Debra

    This is a great collection. I especially love the weird nubby clutches. I’ll have to check these out in person.

  • Amanda

    Gorgeous! Love the sequins, the nubs and the colors.

  • bir

    FENDI IS BACK !!!!! not that it ever truly left it just rested for a bit but so many of this bags are attractive they are becoming very unique and understated/flashy sculpture like cool !!!

  • Sandra

    I purchased a 2Jours and I love it, a beautiful stylish bag.

  • Monsieur Gougou

    The 2jours in blue is mine, and it of the 122 bags I own, it is fast becoming my favourite. I can’t be without it, and I am a man! I now want a peekaboo, and am revisiting my baguettes from years gone by.

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