Fendi Spring 2013 Baguettes

If you’re a frequent visitor, you probably remember reading about Fendi’s anniversary push for the Baguette over the past six months. 2012 marked 15 years for the first-ever It Bag, but the celebration is continuing into Spring 2013 with a bunch of incredibly intricate versions of the Fendi Baguette, some of which are brand new, others of which are re-releases of popular iterations from years past.

The Baguette has always been a canvas ripe for adornment because of its petite size and simple structure. It’s not too big to carry off serious embellishment, but unlike a box clutch, the relatively generous size gives a designer ample space with which to work. The results are some of the most creative and over-the-top handbags on the designer mass market, and they’re often fascinating pieces to investigate closely. The amount of embellishment that can be piled on top of a slim shoulder bag is genuinely something to behold. Check out our picks for the season’s best in the gallery below or shop all of Fendi Spring 2013 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • laura

    I’m sorry but I don’t like any of these. they look like the result of a DIY project.

    • eli

      Super agree with you, and for that price I’d get a Chanel flap anytime

  • http://twitter.com/erikjandro EGlez ?

    Too expensive for what they are, true it is an icon…but they are not pretty or whimsical enough to be priced 3K or more.

  • Vchik

    I actually like the Splash Ball Beaded Baguette. It would look good carried in the spring and summer.

  • KSC

    Love the bags. Hate the prices.

  • puia

    i love the ones on the sex and the city,they were so cute and pretty, but these looks tedious and ugly.

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