Sarah Jessica Parker carries a Fendi bag with her initials (5)

Sarah Jessica Parker was recently spotted out and about with a few pals in NYC, wearing a totally weather-appropriate puffy parka, just like the rest of her clan (it has been FRIGID in NYC for the past day or two), and carrying a Fendi Selleria Adele Bag customized with her initials. Yes, SJP is actually carrying a bag that says “SJP.” You can’t see it, but my head is currently exploding. This customization service isn’t yet available to the general public, but you can grab a black Cuoio Romano leather version of SJP’s bag for $3,600 at Fendi.

Fendi has bestowed these especially customized bags upon select celebs like SJP and Lady Gaga, but it’s unclear if these special editions of the Selleria Adele will ever be shoppable for the rest of us. Fendi also gave them as gifts to the models who walked in their Spring 2014 runway show in Milan. I know buzz-building and exclusivity are vital parts of the luxury industry, but it still peeves me when brands make me feel like a service I’d happily pony up for is well beyond my grasp. Time will tell, I suppose, if customized Fendi bags will ever be made available to plebians like you and I.

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  • Sandra

    I much prefer the Valentino MOC bags….a little more discreet. The initials on this bag almost look as though someone wrote it with a marker, and the letters are so large….

    • shueaddict

      hear hear

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      The Valentino MOC bags are amazing :)

  • Kris

    I agree with Sandra. The initial is hedieus and makes the bag look cheap.
    With that being said, the price tag is insane.

  • Guest

    I’m very confused by this lapse in taste from SJP. That bag is utterly tacky IMO. Also, is that a hole in her knit cap? What on Earth???

  • Yerani_KM

    White socks with black pants and shoes…that’s all I have to say.

  • Guest

    What kind of coat is this?

    • Tarand Skott-Myhre

      It’s from a brand from Norway called “Fleischer Couture”.

  • twoturntables

    Yeah, I love Fendi (Am currently looking for a second hand black/tan chameleon). But they either hit the nail on the head, or completely miss the mark. This bag is gross.

  • EL

    i like the coat. do you know who makes the jacket?

    • Guest

      It’s actually from a norwegian brand called “Fleischer couture”, you should check them out!

  • anouk

    OMG! for the life of me?! white socks???? :(

  • Christine

    Norwegian Fleischer Couture down coat

    • EL

      Thank you. Do you know if we can get them in the states?

  • renee

    Really? Are we such sheep that we’re supposed to lust after this ugly bag, just because Fendi gave it to a few celebrities with their initials etched on it in what looks like paint pen from a craft store? I don’t think so, They can have it. The ONLY reason to carry this bag around is because someone gave it to you as a gift and you don’t want to be rude.

  • Christine

    The down coat company has a website and allows for shipping. Can’t figure the price, kr6.500 is how much in US dollars? Good luck!

  • Liz

    Love the jacket! It’s around 1200 USA


    Looks like they nail-polished it on. I could do better on the Fendis I already have.

  • Averil

    I know to-each-their-own and all that, but I think this doesn’t look good and it’s mostly because the initials are just too large. If they were smaller or in gold/silver instead, it would look loads better.

    This is why I have yet to put my initials on my 2Jours, I just can’t decide if it’s nice or tacky…

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