Every season, I wait for that first handbag collection that truly excites me to debut on the runway. The designer almost always changes season to season, and sometimes it doesn’t happen until well in to Paris Fashion Week. For the past two seasons, though, it’s been Fendi that struck first – the Fendi 2Jours Tote is not only excellent as a neutral-colored day bag, but it lends itself to embellishments and reinterpretation many times over, which makes for an excellent runway bag.

Fendi Spring 2013 is a master class in reinterpretation, not only with the 2Jour, but with Fendi classics like the Baguette and the Peekaboo gracing the runway in new and unexpected ways. Many of the bags had their metal hardware removed entirely, choosing instead to feature plastics that matched the collection’s message of modernism. In fact, assumptions about construction are integral to these pieces – the clothing was all assembled with saldatura electrical welding instead of sewing. The bags appear to have been stitched, but the way many of them are assembled out of angled leather panels subverts our normal expectations of how we should perceive a bag’s construction. With the variety of materials included in this collection – leather, neoprene, enamel, fur, hard plastic, vinyl, woven textiles, snakeskin, sequins, you name it – Fendi is teaching an accessories master class for Spring 2013. (more…)

Babies might be too little to carry real handbags for a few reasons (among them: weak shoulders, frustratingly limited motor skills, lack of personal possessions that require carrying), but that doesn’t mean that their uber-fashionable mamas shouldn’t kit them out in their own image, all the way down to a baby-scaled representation of their own handbags. Thus, we present the Fendi Baguette Bag Tee, intended for discerning infants three to nine months old. (more…)

For those of us who cover it, Fashion Week (Err, month. It’s definitely a month.) is like a giant K-hole of glitter and fur and champagne cocktails and middle-of-the-night coverage deadlines that never relents, not even on weekends. (Especially not on weekends.) When it’s done, it’s often hard to remember anything in particular that you saw, but a bag or two generally sticks in my mind long enough that I’m still salivating over it and anticipating its existence when Fall 2012 deliveries start arriving in stores. That was the case with the Fendi 2Jours Bag, and when Sarah Jessica Parker was caught carrying it not long ago, all of my hopes were confirmed – it’s just as chic in real life as it was on the runway in Milan.

As I’ve suspected from the beginning, Fendi’s intentions with this bag go far beyond just normal leather totes. Because of the simple structure (note the in-or-out gussets a la Celine) and modern hardware, the bag lends itself to all kinds of variations – texture, color, pattern. The bag is a perfect blank canvas, and Fendi’s design team appears to be hard at work filling it up in as many ways as they can imagine. Check out our favorites after the jump. (more…)

Around these parts, there’s nothing we love better than a good bag collection. (Ok, maybe we love a good sale more, but most of the sales are over for the season, so there’s no use crying about it, ok?) The psychological nature of collection is such that people who are moved to amass giant assortments of things usually pick something very particular on which to fixate, and in the case of Pamella DeVos, that lust object is the iconic Fendi Baguette.

T, the New York Times style magazine, recently profiled DeVos (who designs her own line under the name Pamella Roland) and gave us all an inside look at her assortment of 75 Fendi Baguettes. She says that the obsession started because her New York boutique is situated near Fendi’s own flagship, and apparently things spiraled from there. You can check out the full interview and all the photos (taken by America’s Next Top Model‘s own ex-noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker) at T, check out our favorite photos from the shoot after the jump or shop Fendi bags via Neiman Marcus. (more…)

Fendi and Sarah Jessica Parker have a long history with each other. Back in the halcyon days of the early 2000s, exposure on Sex and the City exploded the Fendi Baguette from an industry obsession to a full-on It Bag that was recognizable to people who might never have previously considered buying a bag that expensive. The SJP-Fendi nexus not only provided several plot points for the show (one in which Carrie’s Baguette and Manolos are stolen, another in which a fake Fendi becomes a metaphor for Charlotte’s marriage), but it also paved the way for every It Bag from the Chloe Paddington to the Celine Luggage Tote.

The brand and the fashion icon have gotten together again, this time for what I think might be the real-world debut of a bag that Fendi seems to hope will garner the sort of traction that the Baguette and Spy (and to a certain extent, the Peekaboo) have previously enjoyed. Having Sarah Jessica Parker trot out a monogrammed version of the bag pre-release is a great place to start the hype machine, but you know what would be even better? If Fendi would tell us what this tote is called. I can’t find a single mention of the name anywhere. I asked on Twitter, I scoured Fendi’s Facebook, I Googled endlessly. Still, nothing. Check out even more versions of the bag after the jump, and if you know the name (I bet one of you does), let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Since I was researching this post yesterday afternoon, Neiman Marcus has added the bag to its site for pre-order in both black and red. The name of the bag is still unknown, but it can be had via Neiman Marcus for $2260, delivery date TBA. Hat tip to commenter GPC for the info.

UPDATE 2: Nordstrom also received the bags for pre-order today, and they’re calling it the Fendi 2Jours Elite Tote, which is a terrible name for a beautiful bag. They have it available in red, black, tan and white. Unlike Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom is offering all four colors for immediate delivery. Hat tip to commenter Dee. (more…)

Just like we predicted, the iconic Fendi Baguette is suddenly everywhere. From Sarah Jessica Parker extolling its virtues in the Financial Times to a retrospective coffee table book slated for release July 3rd, the world’s first It Bag is having a bonafide renaissance. If you were too young or too financially strapped at the time to get in on the first wave of Baguette popularity (or, on the other hand, if you’d just like to revel in a little nostalgia), you’re in luck.

Over at Moda Operandi, the site’s Fendi Resort 2013 presale is your first chance to pre-order several of the collection’s new embellished Baguettes, as well as a nice selection of the line’s other bags (and shoes, too). We’ve included pictures of our favorites after the jump, but if you’d like to skip straight to shopping, you can score these pieces through May 22 via Moda Operandi. (more…)

Anyone who’s opened a high-end fashion magazine in the recent past knows, those types of publications are focused on aesthetics to the near-complete exclusion of practical concerns. Style.com may be known as a website first and a magazine second (check out the print edition, though, it’s pretty fun), but it still follows that same fashion mag edict – form first, function second, if at all. Depending on the application, that ethos can either be fantastical or head-scratchingly odd.

The site recently released its top 10 lists for the season’s accessories, and its choice for The Best Bag of Fall 2012 struck me as the latter. This Fendi Crocodile Clutch maybe be a beautiful evening bag, but a great piece of functional design it is not. Box clutches never are, no matter how pretty they may be. Not only that, but this little evening bag isn’t even indicative of the season’s overall accessories trends. So what gives? (more…)

Lions and tigers and stripes, oh my! I can’t help but think of the circus when I look at the Fendi Studded One + One Drawstring-Top Satchel. The pairing of a lot of color and additional texture makes this bag an attention grabber.

Fendi handbags have lost a bit of traction over the years since the heyday of the Fendi Spy, but the brand continues to make a real go at it, and I’m sure that they’ll find that perfect, magic bag again. (The Peekaboo was almost there, but not quite.) This tote in particular is playful in so many ways and practical in very few. With all the multicolor pyramid studs and rainbow stripes on the drawstring-closure canvas top, it is easy to miss the double top handles, thin shoulder stap, and removable crossbody strap. But what works for some doesn’t for others, which is precisely why I am leaving the judgement of this bag in your hands.

Fill in the blank: The Fendi Studded One + One Drawstring-Top Satchel is _________.

Images via Vogue.com

After a lineup last season that left something to be desired, Fendi Fall 2012 extends the brand’s recent history of stellar accessories collections. Just look at that bag up there, you guys. Just look at it. I don’t have to explain why that’s an awesome bag. If you love accessories, then you already know it instinctively.

With a few exceptions (white crocodile trimmed in black and white fur, for one), what struck me the most about this collection is how wearable and versatile it is, despite its modernity. The line consists mostly of medium-sized totes with a thin bar of metal at the front closure to hold a small FENDI stamp, and the final product can be produced for seasons to come in a nearly endless combination of colors and textures to hit a variety of price points. Very nicely done, Fendi. (more…)

Back in October, we discussed whether or not the legendary Fendi Baguette, the first real It Bag and practically the fifth cast member of Sex and the City, might be poised for a return to prominence. Based on the Baguettes that are starting to surface for Spring 2012, I’d say that we might all be carrying Fendi in a year’s time. Can I request a crossbody version, please? (more…)

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