Fendi White Crossword Bag It has been made clear that I am not a fan of the Fendi Crossword Bag. But about 5% of me can understand this white version of the bag being liked by a limited number of people. The country club going, golf playing, IZOD wearing, tennis skirt loving people may find a liking to this bag. The Fendi White Crossword Bag is clean but is still cheaply made and fugly in my opinion. I find the patent leather and mesh to look 100% poorly made. The weave of the materials would make the bag look more like a beach tote, which at least then I could give it a little more credit. But in my own mind I can still see some tennis and/or golf clad woman out there wearing it and pulling it off. I will still laugh when I see it, knowing that my stereotype was right. And I will laugh even more knowing that they paid a ridiculous price for this so-called designer bag.

Buy through Net-A-Porter for $1560.

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  • Sharon

    I don’t care for this bag at all. That and the white is just not my color. Gets dirty way to fast for me.

  • shae

    Ohh my god this purse is so pretty i want it so bad i would love to have this pures!!!

  • drunky_krol

    this bag is so nice but in black i really like it .. mayb white its not my color but in black luks so pretty.. :razz:

  • kiki

    I love this bag! I own one in white/black and it perfectly complements casual wear.

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