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  • Sandra

    On the runway I think the fur is fabulous….so interesting. In reality I do not think any designer, although they keep trying, is going to convince the masses to spend good money on a bag made of fur. I have a 2jours and I love it….but I would not purchase the fur version.

  • bir

    oooo my lets talk 1970s pimp…… that said i like that they push and shock risk is a much needed element .

  • SK

    The fur doesn’t do much for me. But that crocodile looks AMAZING.

  • nafnaf

    the charms look like characters in the Angry Birds app! hahaha

    • they are actually meant to be owls if I’m not wrong, silvia said it

  • Rashida

    I don’t like fur bags. And the charms. Nothing to rave about

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