Cindy Crawford Fendi Peekaboo Bag

Here’s Cindy Crawford at LAX, scurrying past some overzealous autograph seekers while carrying a sleek, black Fendi Peekaboo Bag. (Are you completely disturbed by the small boy holding a pic of Cindy grasping her own boobs? Me too!) You can purchase the Selleria version of Cindy’s Fendi bag for $5,050 at Barneys, as well as peep at the “peekaboo” elements of this bag, which are not so obvious in these pics.

Cindy took over “Oprah’s Lifeclass” last week and talked to a live audience about her personal travails and triumphs, including failing as an actress (or, rather, deciding she didn’t like acting after starring in one big-budget flop) and being judged for her beauty rather than her brains. If inspirational yarns are totally your jam, you can catch all the “Lifeclass” webisodes on

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  • anu

    does anyone else think its frightening that there is a little boy trying to get her to sign THAT image?

    • Stephanie

      omg i was just laughing so hard when i saw that too LOL

    • ArielS

      Yes it was shocking for me.

    • michelle

      totally thought the same thing!

    • C

      It seems like the man standing next to him may be the boy’s father or brother or something. I doubt a boy that young would have the foresight to tape off the corners of his picture like that. Maybe the man’s planning to sell autographed pictures on ebay?

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