Babies might be too little to carry real handbags for a few reasons (among them: weak shoulders, frustratingly limited motor skills, lack of personal possessions that require carrying), but that doesn’t mean that their uber-fashionable mamas shouldn’t kit them out in their own image, all the way down to a baby-scaled representation of their own handbags. Thus, we present the Fendi Baguette Bag Tee, intended for discerning infants three to nine months old.

I’m without children, so I don’t have much context for exactly how ridiculous this shirt is. Something tells me that lots of cutesy baby stores sell shirts with handbags embroidered on them in a similar way, but the Fendi logo and familiar Baguette shape make this one a bit of a special case. This is the type of thing I could have imagined Suri Cruise wearing as a little tyke, but I’m not sure that I’d put a small child in something with such a conspicuous designer logo.

Or, for that matter, something that cost $220 and that she was likely to spit juice all over and ruin for good. (Babies, as I understand it, are messy.) For now, though, it can be had on sale for $99 – could you imagine buying something like this for a baby? Buy through Neiman Marcus.

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  • ohh! if i only had a baby in my near and dearest circle to buy this for her

  • mollysmom

    I don’t think that I would leave this on a baby for any length of time for fear of it being ruined, but it would certainly make for some cute pictures for the purse luvin’ mom.

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