Our weekly Twitter contest, #featuremybag, continues to grow with more submissions and stiffer competition. If you haven’t submitted a photo yet, you will want to for sure next Monday (details to follow tomorrow).

We found ourselves lured in by a photo of @MrsRance black and white bag with a rainbow burst finish. @MrsRance has been entering every week and her photos are always contenders. This week she started off with a black and white photo of her Chanel bag and added a colorful rainbow burst, which added such an amazing finish.

It was hard to pick our favorite photo, and here are our three runners up:

1) @siobhanisgone – A true Chanel lover, Siobhan showcased two of her Chanel bags and we love both the black and the red Chanel bags

2) @Mizz_Sunshine85 – Coach + New York is a match made in fashion heaven

3) @kazahel – MM6 proves neutrals can be vibrant too

Our honorable mentions this week are: @n0tTHATgirl, @NUFashionLA, @viranlly

We will run this feature every Monday. Make sure to follow PurseBlog on Twitter and share your bag with us next week! Make sure to use the hashtag #featuremybag so we don’t miss your entry!

Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Siobhan chiffon

    I can’t wait to do this again next Monday! Congrats to mrs rance!! :)

    • MrsRance

      Thanks Siobhan ;) me too always excited when Monday come

  • Rebeca

    dont like the bag :s

    • MrsRance

      hiks :(

  • Marianna

    Great photo and I love her bag!

    • MrsRance

      Thanksss Marianna :))

  • 19yearslater

    Cute outfit, and I love the way this picture was done.

    • MrsRance

      Thank you :))

  • Musette

    Cute bag, cute shoes, great photo!


    • MrsRance

      Thank you :*

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