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  • Oh I’m in love with everything Delpozo! Their show was like a fairytale. The clutch is stunning and so is every bag from Kate Spade !

  • Kats

    Thanks, Purseblog Team! White seems to definitely be the colour of the season.

  • Khaya

    That Delpozo clutch took my breath away!

  • Lilly

    Love the Rag & Bone, and Kate Spade.

  • Jane

    Great list you put together. I am in love with a few Delzpozo, Kate Spade, Rag & Bone, Victoria Beckham, and the DKNY yellow bag the leather looks so supple and yummy. I just want to reach out and hold it.

  • twoturntables

    Come to me Helmut Lang!

  • I’m overall disappointed that most of these bags are in neutral colours (where are all the vivid hues?). However, I LOVE the Rag & Bone – that’s one cool piece of leather.

  • kiwigirljacks

    All of them are stunning! I’ve got to say though… I liked VB’s bags a lot more than the clothes!

  • karoonah

    I am in the minority then, but have to say that none of these bags made my bag lust sensors tingle…. I do recognize some cool design work in the Rag & Bone bag though, and the Kate Spade bag is very memorable. Anyway, even though I wasn’t blown away by these bags, I so appreciate being able to browse them all. Great job curating this list, purseblog, so fun!

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