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  • Some gorgeous pieces here. The Boy bag never gets old

    • I know, I just can’t get enough!

      • shueaddict

        the first chanel boy is totally awesome … makes me think again about buying one … I think it is the newer, hipper version of the flap and it is here to stay.

  • Chet

    Aaaah. Sofia Coppola

  • ElainePG

    Love the black GSH Bal against the bright red coat… classic! Also the black Prada tote with just a peep of red trim. AND the small red Hermes flap bag (don’t know its name… the one with the big silver H on it). Great photos, Carin; “street shots” aren’t easy!

  • Chanel Chanel Chanel, to much !!!!!

  • seres

    Adore the Chanel perfume clutch … but the completely empty one makes me laugh :) Seems true accessorising is when you wear a bag purely for form without serving any function.

  • shueaddict

    once again thank you for this gorgeous feature … it’s a feast for the eyes.

  • Mrs.Eschmann

    The exotic matt red H constance is a rare beauty. One of the few red bags I would love to own in silver hardware too! Pairing it with black and white tones and red manicure nails the look.

  • Cbl


  • Joni Allen Ooms

    This is purse porn…..OMG I am obsessed!

  • Livo

    I love the pink chanel bag, I love exactly that pink.!!! I want that baggggggggg.!! But in leather. :)

  • FashionableLena

    That hot pink Chanel is calling my name. I also like the tan bag with the snakeskin and gold bar. Not sure of the designer, but it’s really cool. I’m not a fan of Louis Vuitton, but I love the bucket bag.
    And, the Chanel perfume bottle clutch? No brainer.

  • The tiny little red Balenciaga is just so adorable and chic.

  • Orly Frank


  • Cross body bags are out in force as are the classic Chanel bags but oh the No. 5 bottle bag is heaven!

  • Ms Do

    Just wonder which branch is the 13th bag, in black and beige? Many thanks

  • Peter

    They shouls have had a FABROS handbag instead.. see to Paris Fashion week March 2015.

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