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  • melissa

    gorgeous photos, gorgeous bags, gorgeous outfits…love the keychain added to the kate spade! so fun

  • Abbi

    i always laugh a little when i read Celine bags “Celine-Paris/Made in Italy”.

    Not a bad thing just something i weirdly find amusing.

    • Amanda

      Me too!

    • sara

      Why do they write this on the front of the bags, really? Makes them look cheap IMHO. Just put it on the tag people.

  • Amanda

    I need that Fendi tote in my life.

  • Miles

    love the street style – keep up the great work Vlad :D

  • Kats

    Bag heavennnnn. Thanks, Vlad!

  • Verena Block

    I like the little j’adore clutch…. Where’s it from?

  • Segundo B

    Nice purses. The blue on is dashing!

  • robeast

    LV monogram tote — a throwback YAY!

  • Belinda Herrera

    A little help please. How to verify if this bag is a true celine? Serial number says CE 00/13. Bag is 13×9 inches with small arm straps. Carries large brass colored studs on outside. No lining. No ‘ above the I in Celine. Sold to me as vintage. Age unknown.

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