Like so many days set aside for some sort of theme, I sometimes wonder why we *need* a day dedicated to the Earth. I mean, just like I think every day of the year should be filled with love, I definitely think we should keep the Earth in mind on a daily basis as well. Yet, if it takes setting aside one day a year to really bring the environment into focus, well, I’ll take it.

YSL Eco Tshirt

In honor of Earth Day, here at Purse Blog, we are going to set aside a little bit of time to bring you eco-friendly fashion. To start things off, I was ecstatic to see that Yves Saint Laurent has a green side. In conjunction with the release of the PPR-sponsored film “Home”, YSL has created limited-edition t-shirts, tanks and totes made with organic cotton. Make sure to check out select YSL boutiques in early June to snag these green-inspired fashion items. While the movie “Home” is about raising environmental consciousness, it is fabulous that YSL’s involvement helps boost awareness – fashionably.


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