Weekend Outfit October 25

I have very specific ideas about what I want to wear this fall. To a certain extent, that’s true of me all the time – I’m one of those fashion people who has developed a bit of a personal uniform for herself after a couple of years in the business, and in the past six months in particular, I’ve become very good at focusing my personal purchases only on things that really make me feel like me. That also means I sorta look the same all the time, which is never more apparent than when you compare this weekend’s fantasy outfit to the outfit I came up with the last time I gave myself this personal challenge.

Ultimately, it’s a lesson in the fact that there are a lot of different ways to get almost any look you’re going for. Given nearly infinite choices, how do you self-determine? How do you mete out your fashion dollars? One thing that got me to open my wallet this week was the Gap Ombre Wool Motorcycle Jacket you see below – it’s just as on-trend and expensive-looking as you can imagine for $128, and Gap has a 25% off code (GAPSAVE) going on through the 26th. In anticipation of the jacket’s arrival at my apartment, I’ve built my ideal outfit around it, right down to the scarlet lipstick.

Gap Ombre Wool Moto Jacket
$128 via Gap

Gap Ombre Wool Moto Jacket

Maje Degriffe Oversized Plaid Shirt
$250 via Net-a-Porter

Maje Degriffe Oversized Plaid Shirt

J Brand Morgan Stretch Leather Pants
$1,495 via Matches

J Brand Morgan Stretch Leather Trousers

Givenchy Printed Mini Pandora Bag
$1,715 via Net-a-Porter

Givenchy Printed Mini Pandora Bag

3.1 Phillip Lim Quinn Loafers
$425 via Matches

3.1 Phillip Lim Quinn Loafers

Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace
$1,005 via Net-a-Porter

Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace

Le Metier De Beaute ColorCare Moisture Stain Lipstick in “Sydney”
$32 via Net-a-Porter

Le Metier De Beaute ColorCore Moisture Stain Lipstick in Sydney
  • Sharon Pate

    I completely agree. The best way to look your best is to stay true to your own style. This is a great mix of luxury and budget-friendly pieces.

  • yourmovecreep

    I love that jacket!

  • Ingrid Kim

    LOL the leather pocket on the shirt looks like it’s photoshopped on

  • Sandra

    I love the Pandora….

  • sue

    I’m so in love with silver shoes right now… nice choices.

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Amanda Mull

      I have a very serious thing with silver shoes that I can’t quite explain. I just ordered the mirrored silver Air Maxes from Net-a-Porter. My sale buys this summer were both silver (Acne booties and Prada sandals). The Birkenstocks I wore all summer have silver straps. I’d love to have these Phillip Lim loafers. I don’t know if it’s because the color goes so well with black or because I just like shiny things, but…silver shoes, man. They’re great.

  • Gerard Quintero

    love that ombre jacket

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