During seasonal transitions, I often find that none of my clothes feel quite right. It’s like I can’t remember how I made outfits out of anything six months ago, or why I even thought such an undertaking with my current clothing options was even an idea worth exploring. Because of this, I’ve spent a lot of time dressing myself in my head with stuff that I can’t afford all at once, which brings me to today.

There are a lot of things to love about Karl Lagerfeld (and perhaps some things to loathe, if you’re not partial to his filterless public persona): his always-impressive creative direction at Chanel and Fendi, his commitment to dressing like a flamboyant, monochromatic sheriff in an old Western, his obsession with his cat, Choupette. My favorite thing about Karl, though, is that he’s in on the joke – Lagerfeld may seem self-serious to the casual observer, but over time, his behavior has indicated that he knows he’s a little ridiculous.

As I told you last week, Vlad and I were honored to be part of LUISAVIAROMA’s 7th Annual Firenze4Ever Event. The event, which gathers fashion and style bloggers around the world to celebrate Italian style, is magical in a way that I can only fall short in describing. Every detail is so thought-out, each gather, dinner and activity is more amazing than the next.

As you’ve probably seen, Vlad and I were in Florence with LUISAVIAROMA for its 7th annual Firenze4Ever event. One of the main parts of the exciting few days is having the chance to style our own looks on a model. We really had fun with it and put together three different looks with a feature on some of our favorite bags.

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning and tried to solve the problem of how to pick one outfit that will last you until well after dark, we feel your pain. In fact, I feel your pain right now – I tried to accomplish that feat this morning, and only time will tell whether or not I was successful. I do have some practice at all-day outfit crafting, though, so my hopes are high that I won’t look like I came directly from work beyond the requisite happy hour.

Even though our Thanksgiving meals may still be hanging out around our waistlines, there is no stopping the fact that the holidays are knocking at our doors. Holiday season means time with family, friends, colleagues, and everyone in between. With so many parties and gatherings to attend, prepping outfits to help get you through the season is a total must. I could spend most of my days draped in ALLSAINTS from head to toe, and that goes doubly for the holiday season.

Menswear, as an industry, is in an interesting position right now. More men than ever are interested in personal style and upping their aesthetic game, but because of the traditional cultural views on men and fashion in the US, so few of them have any idea where to start. Of course, we have a novel (or not so novel, to our loyal readers) idea: Start with a great bag, like the AllSaints Stonewall Laptop Bag and go from there.

How to put this delicately…the fashion at Sunday night’s 2012 Emmy Awards was mostly not great. A lot of it was fine, if you like sparkly, crowd-pleasing gowns or bright colors, but there were only a few wow moments to be found. Well, guess, what – we found ‘em. And we made a little post out of ‘em, as we are wont to do.

3.1 Phillip Lim is the new “it” kid in the accessories world, and I find myself wanting to sit at his lunch table all day, every day. Of the Phillip Lim handbag family, the standout star has been and continues to be the Pashli Satchel. For Spring 2013, a faded floral canvas print adorns the bag. You know what, I’m in love.

If you’re a regular PurseBlog reader, you know that Megs, Hilary and I all have really different, distinct tastes in accessories and clothing. Megs tends to lean toward clothes with a hippie vibe, Hilary likes clean-lined, modern neutrals and I like lots of industrial black mixed with occasional bold prints and colors. Somehow, all three of us find a lot to love at British retailer AllSaints, which has a location in Soho that we all visit semi-religiously.

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