Outfit of the Week January 7

Let me level with you here: I am a southerner, both by birth and by temperamental aversion to winter weather. Before I moved to New York a couple of years ago, I had owned one real coat in my life (a peacoat from the Gap because I went to high school in America just like everyone else), and I was not necessarily upset about that. Now the same polar vortex that turned Chicago into Siberia yesterday has arrived in my adopted place of residence, and the proverbial shit just got real. Naturally, our first Outfit of the Week of 2014 deals with how to fashionably fend off the cold, including a couple of pieces from my actual closet.

For a post-sunrise windchill of -11, it’s time to break out the Moncler puffer. I realize that many fashion people are constitutionally opposed to puffer coats, but now is not the time to be difficult. If you choose to be difficult, I cannot prevent you from turning into a person-sized popsicle, and then you won’t get the opportunity to wear all that stuff you bought at the sales last week. No one wants that! Wear the puffer. After your coat, your boots are your next most important choice, and I’ve sworn by the UGG Belcloud Boots for three years and counting. I’ve worn them through snow, ice, slush and many puddles of indeterminate depth and composition, and they are the best. They don’t look like UGGs on the outside and their soles are as slip-proof as it gets, but you still get that wonderful, fuzzy lining.

And then, of course, there’s the handbag. Something that sits across your body is ideal when your coat is bulky and everything wants to fall off your shoulders, and we’d advise something with a closed top in a sturdy leather like saffiano. Throw on some fuzzy accessories, a turtleneck sweater (so you don’t have to rely on your scarf as much) and some heavy-duty moisturizer, and you’re set. For like 20 minutes, at least. Then go back inside. Don’t make me call your mother.

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  • Tiffany

    Amen to actually dressing appropriately for the weather vs. a fashion show. Thanks for the practical (and timely) post!

  • tex

    That was so funny and yet so true!

  • Amanda


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