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  • shueaddict

    Amanda, your mind must be frozen. I see a brown coat in there.

    • Noooope it is army green! I have a similar one that I frequently wear on my person. (From Uniqlo. Because dollars.)

      • shueaddict

        My bad … my iPad’s bad … it looked wrong on my screen. I was worried about you ;-)

  • Jamie Rubin

    this headline is just too accurate

  • louch

    I am having the opposite problem on my side of the world – we are in the middle of a heatwave with 100F + temps for the last few days. I don’t even want to wear clothes!

  • anu

    as a college student, not gonna lie, this is how I dress on the regular

  • Super Roses

    Has anyone tried the face cream? If so what is your feedback? It sounds great.

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