Outfit of the Week November 4

I never feel more like myself than when I’m wearing all, or almost all, black. This wasn’t a new thing that happened when I moved to New York City a few years ago, which is a famous refuge for those of us that will wear black until someone finds something darker. Instead, I was the little girl on the playground in elementary school who wore black Keds when eveyone else’s were pristine white. Considering that, it’s not particularly surprising that my favorite outfit of the week is full to bursting of the color.

One thing New York City has done for me, though, is make me an ardent evangelist of the high-low combo. If you have a good eye for things that look more expensive than they are, then clothing yourself and making rent don’t have to be mutually exclusive pursuits. Below, I’ll reveal one of my greatest secrets: a pair of $35 jeggings from Old Navy that don’t look like they cost $35, came from that great bastion of suburban basics or are even a pair of jeggings. They are a clothing miracle and I live in fear of the day that they are discontinued.

Balenciaga Palladium and Leather Medallion Cuff
$285 via Barneys

Balenciaga Palladium and Leather Medallion Cuff

Burberry Hertford Motorcycle Boots
$932 via Matches

Burberry Hertford Motorcycle Boots

Saint Laurent Wool Felt Pea Coat
$2,750 via Net-a-Porter

Saint Laurent Wool Felt Pea Coat

Sunghee Bang Alyson Beanie
$195 via Barneys

Sunghee Bagn Alyson Beanie

Old Navy Pull-On Jeggings
$35 via Old Navy

Old Navy Pull-On Jeggings

Kenzo Reptile Jacquard Jersey Sweatshirt
$400 via Net-a-Porter

Kenzo Reptile Jacquard Jersey Sweatshirt

Mark Cross Large Trunk Bag
$1,995 via Barneys

Mark Cross Grace Large Trunk Bag
  • Elaine Weiss Whitman

    Love the brilliance of basic Old Navy jeggings balanced against the pricier items. I’ve settled on black Lucy yoga pants to fill the same niche. I have 3 pairs, and may stockpile a few more in case they stop making them!

  • Amy

    I l-o-v-e that cuff!

  • Sally

    Where can I buy the cuff?

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