Karl Lagerfeld x Tokidoki Collection

There are a lot of things to love about Karl Lagerfeld (and perhaps some things to loathe, if you’re not partial to his filterless public persona): his always-impressive creative direction at Chanel and Fendi, his commitment to dressing like a flamboyant, monochromatic sheriff in an old Western, his obsession with his cat, Choupette. My favorite thing about Karl, though, is that he’s in on the joke – Lagerfeld may seem self-serious to the casual observer, but over time, his behavior has indicated that he knows he’s a little ridiculous. How else do you explain the just-launched Karl Lagerfeld + tokidoki Collection?

tokidoki, the brand loved the world over (and especially in Asia) for its quirky cartoon prints, has teamed up with Lagerfeld for a limited collection of clothes, accessories and figurines, most of which are exclusive to Net-a-Porter, starring Karl (and Choupette) as something of a cartoon superhero. Lagerfeld’s probably the closest thing to a comic book character that fashion has, and his look is so specific and consistent that it translates well to a simple drawing, so both the print and the figurines are adorable. The longer I look at them, the more I want the little statuette of Karl and Choupette for my desk. The collection also includes T-shirts and tanks, iPhone cases and a particularly bold pair of jeans. Check out the full selection below and shop it via Net-a-Porter!

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