I don’t know who Ginnifer Goodwin‘s stylist is, but she deserves a hefty bonus – Goodwin’s almost always wearing something that looks both totally chic and totally her. This exceptionally detailed Monique Lhuillier gown has a brilliant little rise at the front of the skirt that both lightens the visual heft of wearing something so full and gives onlookers a peek at the beautiful shoe underneath – this time, a suede and clear vinyl Christian Louboutin pump that lends the whole look a bit of modernity.

  • mlle p

    While I like a few of these dresses, I’m surprised no one went short – it was 100+ degrees out and why not – it’s the Emmy’s, not the Oscars. I just think it could have looked really modern to try it.
    That being said, I usually hate Versace, but Lucy Liu looked incredible. Hated Julianne Moore’s dress – too much of one color that seemed to overwhelm her.

  • Nour

    julianne’s yellow dress is aweful. period.

  • Hannah H.

    Lucy looks amazing! I agree – she has not aged! I’m glad to see her on Purseblog. She is one of my enduring favorites! Classy and beautiful.

  • Amanda

    Kat Dennings looks unbelievable! And nobody quite makes a gown like Versace.

  • Jennesia

    Emily Vancamp and that nondescript grey is just so blah.
    Jilianne Moore looks like a giant banana. That is one terrible look especially against her skin tone and it clashes horribly with her hair.

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