Zagliani Lotus Python Clutch
Zagliani Lotus Python Clutch

Zagliani bags have been the talk of the exotic handbag lovers world lately. While the brand is not a household name for all, it is working its way up the ladder and into our hearts. What makes the bags so delicious? The fact that a dermatologist creates them and injects the bags with silicone to add a super buttery feel to the bags. While I fell in love with many of of the handbags I posted prior, my new love from Zagliani is the Zagliani Lotus Python Clutch which is designed with beautiful lilac python skin. The clutch features a zip fastening with a handle. All of the edges and seams are trimmed with brown, which offsets the lilac python stunningly. The price is around $1276 via Browns.

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  • karry kasim

    eesh….silicone, snake skin, i dont know, its creeping me out, sorry….

  • lightblue84

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! THE COLOUR IS TDF!!!!!

  • Peter Belisi

    Ohhh No

  • I want a Birkin

    Yes this is beautiful but I still can’t bring myself to pay that price for a clutch tho…

    Megs, my Celine Bittersweet in python started getting patches of mould growing on it. Any advice? :cry:

  • ollie

    Silicone? Ew :shock:

  • chloehandbags

    It’s a lovely shape, but, as usual, exotics are not for me.

  • LucianaW

    I like this design, the shape…but silicone? Diferent…


    My name is Valvert R. Thompson, VP-Sales with East General Promotional and Packaging Mfg. We do a lot of bags, totes, etc. for promotional purpose. I write today asking for the pantone color of this bag? I showed this image to one of my clients, so they could see the color, and we are having a really difficult time matching it?

    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!


    Valvert R. Thompson
    Vice President- Sales
    East General Promotional and Packaging

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