VBH Spring 2013 Handbags (10)

I had a close encounter of the VBH kind over the weekend. I was shopping with some friends at the Woodbury Common outlets north of New York City (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, by the way), and at the Last Call Neiman Marcus store, I found the little corner of the handbag section where they were hiding the stuff you’d actually want to buy: Jason Wu, Marni, and most excitingly of all, VBH. There was only one VBH bag, but even in that less-than-glamourous setting, it was the clear winner of the whole group. I somehow managed to stop myself from buying it, but obviously I’m still thinking about it quite fondly several days later.

Thankfully, our friends at Moda Operandi have conspired to distract me from my reverse buyer’s remorse, and naturally, the only answer is more VBH. From now through October 28, you can preview (and most importantly, pre-order) VBH Spring 2013, which includes lots of exotics and beautiful colors in classic VBH shapes like the Brera satchel and Manila envelope clutch. Check out the full assortment below or shop the pre-sale via Moda Operandi.

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  • LaDon

    Beautiful, yes, ‘lust worthy’? NO! If i struggle to justify a brands price point (as i do here) then my ‘head’ is still in control and my ‘heart’ is not in it! However if i sleep on it, there are definitely a few worth ‘radaring’.

  • Kathleen

    I think that VBH does a beautiful job with their exotics, particularly the croc.IRL, these bags are stunning.

  • Silversun

    The green croc is stunning. But hey, just wondering – I’m not the only one who has trouble with VBH zippers, right? :D I was trying to unzip one of the bags in store the other day and looked a right dork trying and failing. The way the zips attach to the hardware is like alien technology.

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Amanda Mull

      I’ve had problems with VBH’s zippers too, particularly on the Brera. They’re not nearly as smooth as they should be.

      • GMM

        No such problems with my fiancee’s Brera – Ziploc-smooth ;)

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