Nancy Gonzalez Resort 2013 (11)

Even though, in any particular season, Nancy Gonzalez’s bags range from clean and simple to incredibly intricate, one binding theme always remains: exotic skins, most notably crocodile, produced by the brand’s farms in Gonzalez’s native Colombia. The bags are also produced in Colombia, and the centralization of the brand’s operations allows Gonzalez to price her bags more reasonably than other brands tend to price similar materials. (If a $3000 handbag can ever be referred to as “reasonable,” that is, which is a debate unto itself. It’s relative, ok?)

In that tradition, Nancy Gonzalez Resort 2013 goes for a little bit of everything at once, including kitschy fruit charms, candy-colored ostrich, polka dots and austere black-and-white. The bags are all finished in Gonzalez’s signature exotics, of course, and the collection can be pre-ordered via Moda Operandi through tomorrow, July 25. Check out the collection after the jump!

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  • XXAL

    mehh turquoise one looks identical to givenchy antigona duffle

    • Amazeballs!!

      completely agree!!!!

  • Fiona – Brasil

    I like the yellow, maybe a little too big. I will definetley buy something in yellow or mustard, such a nice color for summer.

    • ashelymison moreinfo

  • GMM

    The white bag on page 7 is awesome

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